5 B. Tech programs that are in high demand

A Bachelor of Technology or B. Tech programme is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in India for students opting for the science stream in their high school. A B. Tech degree from a reputed engineering college can ensure good career prospects across a wide range of scientific domains.

If you pursue B. Tech course details from any Indian university, you are sure to encounter several good engineering disciplines. You can choose anyone from these engineering specialisations for your B. Tech programme as per your career aspirations and preferences.

Read this blog to explore some of the most popular B. Tech programmes are offered in India.

  1. B. Tech in Civil engineering: Civil engineering is one of the most mainstream engineering disciplines and pertains to engineering tasks associated with the construction of man-made structures like buildings, skyscrapers, and bridges. As a civil engineering graduate, you will be able to explore high-paying careers in domains like real estate, construction industry and infrastructure development.
  2. B. Tech in Computer engineering: Computer systems and software comprise a major part of the digital age. Computer engineering involves the design, production and development of different hardware and software of computer systems and their peripherals. Computer engineers are some of the most well-paid graduates in the world and the widespread usage of computers across diverse fields ensure bright career prospects in a lot of professional domains.
  3. B. Tech in Chemical engineering: A B. Tech degree in Chemical engineers lets you explore the rules of physics and mechanics in the creation of artificial chemical compounds that can be useful for humankind. Chemical engineering is the main proponent behind the availability of many modern chemicals including preservatives, cosmetics, perfumes, petroleum products, drugs, and different kinds of plastics. 
  4. B. Tech in Automotive engineering: In this B. Tech specialisation, students learn about the development and scientific principles behind different tools, machinery and equipment used in automobiles like cars, trucks, mopeds, and buses. 
  5. B. Tech in Biomedical Engineering: A B. Tech programme in biomedical engineering involves the usage of engineering knowledge and techniques for the development and creation of medical tools and technologies. The degree will allow you to pick up the problem-solving approach along with the analytical nature of medicine to improve patient care. The subject can be further divided into different subjects like biomechanics, medical imaging, bio-informatics, bio-engineering, and 3D medical modelling.

Apart from these degrees, you can also opt to pursue engineering streams like environmental engineering, power system engineering, aeronautical engineering, hydropower engineering, software engineering or agricultural engineering. Choosing the right B. Tech programme can ensure you get a high-paying exciting engineering role in the domain of your choice. Look for appropriate engineering programmed today to take your career off the ground in the technological domain.

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