Marketing Tips to Grow Your Website Traffic

Marketing Tips

Businesses love attention, especially if that attention translates into profit. As business owners, we are consistently competing to make the loudest noise to get the most attention. Search engines are the key player in helping us generate web traffic. According to the Alphametics blog, when google went down for 5 minutes, the global internet traffic dropped by 40%. It shows how important search engines are and how all your online marketing strategies will lead back to competing for a spot on the search engine’s results. Here’s why web traffic matters:

What is Web Traffic?

Website traffic refers to the number of users that visit your website. It is vital because your website helps various users so that the SEO will rank it high on the search engine’s results. The types of web traffic that impact your website are:

  • Direct Traffic. It is when users find you directly through the URL bypassing the search engine entirely.
  • Referral Traffic. It is traffic that occurs through links if users click on a link that leads to your website, that brings your referral traffic.
  • Social Traffic. It is traffic that occurs following social media.
  • Organic Traffic. It is traffic that occurs when using the search engine.

How Can I Grow Traffic?

As a business, you should make use of all these methods, and this is how you can do this:

1. Write for Others

Content creators and businesses are consistently looking for bloggers to work with and help give their content more structure. It is because it helps them talk about different products from different perspectives. When you share content with other websites, you’re increasing the chances of getting referral traffic.

You should also try and have more backlinks leading to your website, making for an excellent link building strategy. Contributing your content to others allows more exposure and also your website to rise to the top. You can also include internal links that would lead your audience to other web pages. You can even design infographics that are also content if you don’t want to write a long text.

2. Topics with a High Potential

Not every topic will get you traffic. It would help if you found out what the population wants to know. You should conduct keyword research of your own. Start with high-volume and low competition keywords to get content going. When you have a list of keywords, you can start putting out content for your business or blog.

When you make a decent stand on the search engine’s results, You need to find out what other content is doing well on the search engine’s results. It means reading from other websites, seeing what you can apply to your content, and following it up by editing your content until you’re satisfied with it.

Quality content also attracts natural links, which adds to your website’s ranking. It would help if you add creativity and even add examples to make for more comprehensive content.

3. Find Your Community

Along with the search engine ranking, you have to be proactive and make sure you’re able to find your audience. There are many web forums and social platforms for you to use. Create exciting and interesting posts as much as possible and provide links to your website. Active social pages are essential to gain traffic. You can’t leave one post and expect the traffic to find you. Make sure with every post there is also a follow-up post. You can also join online forums within the social media pages to flourish on these platforms.

4. Answer Questions

Many web forums dedicate themselves to answer questions. Platforms such as Quora and Yahoo answers are such platforms. Find topics that you’ve written on and see where you can help consumers. You need to make sure your solutions have an impact. You want the consumer to visit your website and find out more about your content. It means while writing an answer provides them an action to do as well, which would invite a link to add a story instead of going straight for the facts.

5. Connect with New Audiences

Try crossing paths with other brands that have content similar to yours but access to a different audience. Your brand needs much exposure it can get, and through collaboration, you allow other users to gauge your content. It generates a high influx of traffic and once again impacts your SEO. There are many ways you can make content. You may even make a video together while providing valuable links to the audience. You can even keep it concise with a social media post instead. There are numerous pathways for you to choose depending on how you want to proceed.

6. SEO

It is known as Search Engine Optimization, which entails you’re making sure your website ranks high on the search engine results. Start by knowing what the search engine policies are and what gets indexed first. Work your way from there, including making sure you have quality content with the right amount of keywords, media files, all with text files, and a website that loads fast. When your website gets a top ranking in the search engine results, you have a high chance of having the most organic traffic. Most users don’t stray from the first page when looking for what they want since it is time-consuming to keep searching.

7. Stay on Top of Old Content

You may be busy with putting up content on your website, but you need to make sure all older content gets refreshed. That means, if necessary, rewrite older content with better descriptions and keywords.

Use high-ranking and quality links and mend any broken links. If you have similar posts, consider merging them to give bulk and structure to your content while adding more domain authority to your website. Try adding newer images and videos where possible. Sometimes repurposing your content may be a better option than getting unique content every time.

Wrap Up

If you have a website, you need to find a way to increase your web traffic. It is a straightforward process and only requires your dedication. Write for other businesses or organizations. Go for topics that have a high potential and try finding your community on various platforms. It would help if you also tried answering questions in your creative way so that your users can find more than just a solution, consult your website for further help. Collaborate and tap into newer audiences. Refresh older content and make sure you always have an optimal website for an SEO ranking.

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