Get More Traffic On Fashion Based Instagram Account Keeping Hash Tags In Mind Through Hashtagger

Instagram is not just about posting images and videos but to make them go viral if you need some sponsorship and want to be famous. There are so many social media sites available but choosing the right one is important. Well, you need not have to worry about that much when you have Instagram by your side. Now, you don’t have to buy real Instagram likes if you can get it organically. For that, hash tags play some pivotal role. Hash tags will provide you with the opportunity to make your photos and videos go viral all the way. Right from more traffic to your photos to addressing some extra followers, you can get it all through hash tags. So, the real question is regarding the type of hash tags you should use. To know about that, Hashtagger is the option for you.

Hashtagged – get to learn about it more:

This tool, which goes by the name of Hashtagger, will be here to help you grow your following count by just connecting you to some of the like-minded hash taggers out there. All you have to do is just enter the frequently used hash tags and this app will help to generate latest and top hash tag services based on some of the other uses.

  • Most people are into proper use of Hashtagger because of its quick and easy usable values right now
  • This point helps in generating around 100 hash tags depending on the search made
  • Some of the selected hash tags are formatted to just copy seamlessly right into Instagram

Going for the usage:

You will have to work out on the usage values of this Hashtagger, before you can clearly make the best use out of it. You can type anywhere in your post the word “hash tag” and on links for tagging archive page for “hash tags” while showing it off.

  • +#: The + hashtag is used to link to the tag archive page without adding “hashtag” to the post. When the time comes to show the post, it gets posted without the “+” sign. In case, the selected tag fails to exist, the text will then remain unchanged and there will be no link created.
  • Duplicate hashes: You can try using the duplicate hashes or ## to tell the plugin that the selected word must not be converted into the tag. You can replace the duplicate hashes with a single one while showing the post.
  • @username: It helps in creating links either to the website of the user or the profile page. The use of @username can be optionally activated. If this name does not exist, the text then remains unchanged and no link will be created.

Go for the latest update:

Always aim for the latest update of Hashtagger if you want to take complete help from this application. It was last updated on 7th July 2017 under the name of Hashtagger 1.5.0 Update. This new update came up with a fresh design. So, aim for this new option while trying to keep fashion-based IG account more visible among customers.

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