How to find a good social media agency

Is it just about Increasing your sales? With the growth of technology, doing business seems much easier. However, reality does prove the other way round. There are too many online marketing options out there for your business such as social media channels, strategy, and tactics, freelancers, and agencies that could blow your mind.

Choose the best channels

More and more different social media channels are growing and it doesn’t seem to stop in the future. The most popular channels are Facebook (2.6 billion active users), Youtube (2 billion active users), Instagram (1 billion active users), Twitter (330 million active users), LinkedIn (210 million active users) and Pinterest (320 million active users), Tiktok (500 million active users). Each channel will focus on different focus groups. Social media agencies can help you pick the platform that suits best for your targeted customers and brand products.

Design your account

How to attract your followers needs tons of actions to be made. Designing a nice visual collection is not enough but it’s also important to stick with one unique theme code to raise your brand awareness. Customers won’t purchase the product only until they have seen it many times. Having customers revisit is as vital as getting visited by new ones.

Interact with customers

People can follow you and are also easy to unfollow if they don’t feel connected. Social media agencies not only monitor your posts but also help communicate with your customers. It might sound easy but believe me, answering every comment, replying to every DMs, and reacting to your followers’ stories takes a lot of time. Online sales and trust with personal connections is a new key to your success.

In this article, we will break it down for you ‘how to choose the best social media agency’.

1. Make a research

You cannot blame the agency for not doing a good job as you expected if in the beginning, you hire them without knowing who they are. Many rating and review tools are now available for every industry (Yelp or Google review). You can track the works and reviews the agency got from their previous clients.

2. Take a look at their prices

There are several prices ranging from freelancers or small agencies to big agencies. Make sure to take a look at the price they offer. It depends on your goals and expectations but remembers to not choose lower price agencies and expect them to do their work as double cost.

3. Treat agency like your employee

Of course, they are not the same but to be clear, building up good relationships and connections with people who work with you either agency, freelancer or your employee are the most important key to your success. Hiring an employee is not only based on their certificates and experiences but it’s also about cultural fit. Therefore, to be able to reach an agreement and good results, you should also take care of your connection with them.

Agency – Freelancer – Inhouse specialist

It depends on the size of your business that you can choose between agency, freelancer, and inhouse specialist. The common advice is going from less expensive options and testing it first before changing to riskier choices.Usually, hiring a veteran seasoned inhouse specialist will cost much higher than freelancers and agencies. However, which option fits best with your budget and your goals is your choice. An experienced social media agency that happens to fit your organization culturally is tough, but not impossible. One example of such an agency based in Germany is Werbepresse. This agency specializes in Social Media Marketing and has a big track record of results they achieved for their clients. 

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