Malta vs Turkey: Navigating the Choice for Second Citizenship

The unlimited choice of programs to get citizenship stimulates the search for a favorable option. So, it is necessary to consider the amount of capital, the requirements for the applicant, and the country’s capabilities. Such an evaluation will allow you to identify the best states that are prepared to receive investors.

If an excellent climate and development prospects are on your wish list, Malta second citizenship is an attractive offer. A good location, high standard of living and easy traveling are just some advantages. It will take you a little time to find out more and make a comparison to the Turkey CBI option. Read the suggested review of each of the programs.

Overview of Maltese Citizenship Program

The path to naturalization in the country will take time. With a minimum investment, it can take up to 36 months of permanent residency. However, what do you say about the created offer for investors? Acceptable investment threshold, soft requirements, and high processing speed will allow you to immigrate to the Mediterranean island

Investment Criteria

Foreigners who plan to participate in the program meet several conditions. The requirements include having capital and contributing to the economy, real estate, or a charitable foundation. The amount of investment depends on the number of applicants, and the cost starts from:

  • 600 thousand euros – contribution for a period of residence of 36 months or more;
  • 750 thousand euros – contribution if the period of residence in the country is 12 months or more;
  • 700 thousand euros – purchase of real estate or
  • 16 thousand euros per year – rental of residential real estate.

Additional costs include a mandatory contribution to the fund of 10 thousand euros or more and processing and paperwork fees.


Only adults can apply for citizenship by naturalization Malta CBI. The exception is for added family members of the primary participant. In addition, the government requires the following conditions to be met:

  • possession of equity capital;
  • evidence of legitimate employment and accumulation of funds;
  • no criminal record;
  • health insurance.

The security check helps to prove that the investor does not pose a danger to the public. The government carefully monitors the fulfillment of these conditions, so you should be prepared for lengthy application processing.


Identifying the main advantages for immigrants is not difficult, but the evaluation by Zlata Erlach, an accredited agent of Immigrant Invest, will help you find unique benefits. Thanks to this review, it is possible to outline the benefits for the investor and his business.

So, Malta was identified as a financial center. Transparent working conditions and a flexible taxation system have made the island state attractive. In addition, the state is famous for its excellent air communication with 180 countries with which visa-free agreements have been concluded.

Overview of Turkish Citizenship Program

Convincing Malta citizenship benefits are not the limit for wealthy entrepreneurs. Sunny Turkey offers immigrants no less benefits. In addition, the country creates several investment options that will allow you to become an official resident quickly.

Investment Criteria

The immigrant applicant chooses the investment option at his discretion. For this, it is worth getting advice and paying attention not only to the cost but also to additional conditions. Today, it is possible to qualify for a residence permit for contributing capital to: 

  • commercial or residential real estate – from 250 thousand dollars;
  • creation of 50 jobs, and the cost depends on the sphere of activity;
  • transfer of funds to an account in a Turkish bank – from 500 thousand dollars;
  • authorized capital of enterprises in Turkey – from 500 thousand dollars;
  • government bonds – from 500 thousand dollars.

The minimum holding period is from 3 years. During the term, closing the deposit or selling your part of the company’s shares is impossible.


Immigration to Turkey is available to investors who have reached the age of majority. It is also checked the way of obtaining capital and the availability of funds for comfortable living in the country. It is not possible to obtain Turkey citizenship by investment if you have a criminal record and dangerous diseases. Family members are allowed to be included in the application, but children over the age of 18 cannot be added to the application. 


Program participants are eligible to enjoy the benefits of permanent residency, including visa-free travel with 100 countries and a high standard of living. The opportunity to use the property for commercial purposes speaks in favor of choosing the offer. Renting the property is one way to return the investment. 

A stable economy, membership in significant organizations, and tourism development allow you to get the most out of the program. So, Turkey citizenship benefits compete with the privileges available under the terms of other investment offers.

Programs comparison

When comparing Malta and Turkey programs, you will find several differences. These will influence your choice as they include:

  • the minimum period of residence in Malta is 12 months, while in Turkey it is not provided;
  • processing of applications by the Turkish government takes six months, while the island state processes them within a year or more.

The comfort for business people is comparable, so immigrants have the opportunity to develop their company in a new environment.


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