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Small businesses need a sound online presence to gain traction in the market. It includes understanding your target segment well and devising smart SEO strategies to meet their demands. Initially, it may seem daunting for startups and small businesses to capitalize on SEO efforts. But with the right SEO tools, the process is no more complicated. 

If you’re looking for affordable SEO for Small Business, mastering some SEO tools for your business can help you in the long run. You will know how to utilize the best SEO practices to boost your small business marketing. 

Here are some of the Best Small Business SEO Tools to try

Google Tools set

The most widely used search engine, Google, provides a group of useful and free tools to track and measure your website’s performance. 

  • Google Trends

It allows businesses to analyze how users are doing searches online and how your competitors are responding. 

  • Google Analytics

This tool tests your website’s performance for page views, visitors, reach, content, and other elements that make up your site. 

  • Google Search Console

It makes your business discoverable on Google when people search for similar products and services. Google visits your site map to serve the purpose.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

The PageSpeed tool allows you to test your webpage’s speed and suggests necessary improvements. 


After Google, Ahrefs is the second largest website crawler. Its Site Audit Feature works like Google Analytics and helps improve search engine rankings highlighting the loopholes. You can also use Ahrefs for competitor analysis and find the most linked-to content within your industry, as it features a massive database of backlinks. 

Ahrefs also powers SEO auditing, keywords research, competitor research, viral content research, rank tracking, and a lot more SEO aspects. Enter your website and your competitors’ sites to find the back linked sites that are not under your reach. This ensures a smart SEO for a small business website


SEMRush is among the top small business SEO services tools available today. It is a complete SEO platform that features competitor analysis, domain analysis, and keyword research. You can find keywords that are relevant to your industry and monitor backlinks from your website and that of your competitors’.  

SEMRush helps to spot the common marketing strategies among you and your competition. Also, it is integrated with tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, providing you insights on a single platform. Competitor analysis by SEMRush allows you to figure out what’s working for your competitors and what can work for your business. 


Neil Patel has developed an excellent keyword tracking tool and named it “Ubersuggest.” You can find relevant keywords in it and identify the search intent behind those search terms. As an added benefit, you will get more content ideas to rank your blog with those keywords. 

Both short and long-tail keywords can be tracked with Ubersuggest. It will give you hundreds of suggestions to embed keywords in your website. Ubersuggest also covers metrics such as competition, keyword volume, PPC, and seasonal trends. It is well-developed for both organic and paid searches (SEO and PPC). As a whole, you will get to know how right a keyword to target and what type of competition surrounds it is.  

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an excellent SEO tool for small businesses. If you’re a tech expert, it gives you an opportunity to perform SEO audits yourself. You can be sure about your website’s SEO health with exclusive features like unlimited crawling, audit redirects, API plug-ins, crawl path reports, and integration with other SEO tools. 

Using Screaming Frog, you can also analyze the internal linking of your website, at the same time tracking orphaned and broken pages. It helps you to identify missing and duplicate titles, Meta descriptions, and images that don’t have alt text. It’s easy to use, but if you find it challenging to win over it yourself, you can always consult with a Small Business SEO Expert

Moz Pro

Moz is actually one of the best SEO tools that many SEO experts use to devise smart strategies for their clients. Despite regular changes in Google’s algorithm, Moz never fails to update its services. Keyword recommendations and website crawling are among the main functions of the software. It will also give you insights on your website’s performance and suggest necessary improvements. 

Apart from this, different tools on Moz allow you to optimize every page on your website. They suggest you where to include specific keywords in a page or add images with alt text. 

Comparing your site’s traffic and optimization with that of your competitors will let you analyze what your competitors are profiting from. Using the results, you can modify your strategy to gain an edge over them.  


Majestic is yet another SEO tool that allows small businesses to master their website’s performance. The Majestic Million is a feature that flashes the ranking of top million sites. 

Another one, the Site Explorer, gives you a general overview of your store and the number of backlinks that it earns. Also, it identifies the relevant keywords for your website to improve its ranking and compare it with that of your competition. You just have to feed in your website in the tool and a few of your competitors’ sites. As a result, it can measure SEO metrics such as referring domain count, external backlinks count, and trust flow. It also uploads regular updates to its database so that you can access new features every time you use it. 

Yoast Plugin for WordPress

Among a multitude of small business SEO tools, Yoast SEO plugin provides an edge to websites built on Word Press. It allows you to ensure a robust on-page SEO for your site. Just enter a focus keyword in the tool and see how well your content is performing. 

Or, if you want to check your content’s readability, it gives you feedback after analyzing the user’s reading experience. It also lets you know who your website is performing in the SERPs. Using the suggestions, you can tweak your page titles, Meta descriptions, and web page URLs.

A green signal by the plugin indicates your on-page SEO is perfect.

An SEO process becomes way too easy with these tools. But, as a business owner, your responsibilities are not limited to site optimization. Hence, you need a Small Business SEO consultant like the experts at F5 Buddy to help you. Our SEO team is well-versed with small business trends and can gear up your efforts. 

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