Time Has Come To Use the Best Anti Phishing Software

How long will enterprises try and fight in vain against the rising phishing attacks? The fact that even the industry giants are falling prey to phishing attacks should scare is enough to upgrade our email security systems. A lot of questions arise as to why the existing solutions are not being effective.

How are the scammers able to bypass the email security systems? Why are the existing solutions not detecting suspicious emails and blocking them? How many spam filters, malware filters, and antivirus solutions does an enterprise need to protect its employees from a phishing attack?

Phishing is no more a randomly targeted crime. Scammers are coming together to form into organized groups to target an enterprise, breach its security system, and dupe the employees. Thousands of emails are sent, impersonating the vendors, suppliers, seniors, and top officials of the enterprise. One employee falling prey to a fraudulent email is enough for the scammers to drain money out of the enterprise and take control of the system.

Moreover, phishers change their tactics and methods all the time. They find innovative ways to make their emails look authentic and bypass the security system. Creating new websites using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), sharing files using collaboration sites, sending PDF and other files with malicious software, etc. are some of the latest ways in which scammers are bypassing the security system of the enterprise and duping the employees.

The in-built email security is being easily breached by the attackers. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most preferred email systems because it has built-in security and allows employees to bring their devices to work. But this very feature is being exploited by the attackers to dupe the employees and gain access to the systems of the enterprise.

The Best Anti Phishing Software works differently from the rest. It does not rely on the signature database to compare the URLs to see if they are fake or genuine. When a million new websites are created each day, comparing the signature doesn’t give effective results.

The anti phishing software has to continuously scan the emails to ensure that no email goes undetected by the system. The contents of the email, the hidden code in the files, empty logos, almost authentic-looking emails that come from external sources, etc. should be detected by the software.

The latest next-generation anti phishing software uses artificial intelligence technology to identify and block the phishing emails. The machine learning algorithm, computer vision, running on the cloud platform, making use of popup banners to alert the users are some ways in which the anti phishing software is different from the traditional antivirus software.

  • Effortless Deployment
    • The Best Anti Phishing Software can be deployed in an organization of any size within minutes. It works with any of the existing email security solutions.
    • The software can be seamlessly integrated into an email system such as G Suite, Exchange, and Office 365.
  • High Scalability
    • There is no limit to the number of devices the software can protect. Computer systems and the personal devices of the employees can be protected using anti phishing software.
    • The software can either be installed throughout the enterprise at once or it can be rolled out in stages.
  • Easy to Administrate
    • The software comes with an interactive dashboard, where the management can keep track of the phishing emails that have been detected, blocked, and quarantined.
    • Any email that is reported by the employees will immediately reflect in the dashboard.
  • Employee Training
    • The anti phishing software does not just inform the users about suspicious emails. It also trains the users by providing additional information about phishing attacks.
    • Users can click on the ‘details’ link on the banner to know why the email has been marked as suspicious or fraudulent. 
  • User-friendly 
    • The anti phishing software uses simple language to inform the users about phishing emails. A single click on the banner will block the email and keep users safe.
    • Moreover, the software works on any device and in any location. Employees who are working on-site or traveling are also protected from phishing attacks.
  • Detect Latest Phishing Attacks
    • There are many types of phishing attacks that are used by the attackers to lure and dupe employees. If Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the most common type of attack, Zero-Day Attack is the latest one.
    • Spear Phishing is another method that is regularly employed by the phishers to obtain money from the enterprises by posing as genuine vendors or suppliers.

Right from simple fraud to a complicated phishing attack, the anti phishing software detects and blocks just about everything. It adds an invisible layer of protection to the email system and cannot be bypassed by the attackers. 


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