What are you Doing Wrong with your SMS Advertising?

Gone are the days when people were eager to receive the emails, opened them, and paid attention to the content. Now, they even forte to check the important mails, let alone the promotional and advertising ones. The reason is the availability of smartphones, which allow them to text and call anyone at any given time.

However, nobody likes to get a call only to listen to the promotional content. So, SMS advertising is the only option for a business organization. They do not only just reach the target audience but have a higher opening rate. This point makes SMS marketing more effective than social media, even in highly competitive societies like the United Arab Emirates.

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Still, some business organizations and entrepreneurs fail to receive the desired outcome. If you are also facing the same issue, keep reading this article to know what you are doing wrong with your SMS advertising campaign.

Top 8 SMS Advertising Mistakes that are ruining your Campaign

Entrepreneurs and business organization try their best to invest time and resources in their advertising campaign. However, the result is zero due to their own mistakes that they are not even aware of. So, it is not an easy task, and you needed to undivided attention to multiple factors to achieve your target. 

Here are some common SMS advertising mistakes that are ruining your campaign, so fix them to make your efforts fruitful.

1). Messaging Without Permission

You cannot just bombard your target audience, even if they are your loyal customers, with promotional messages around the year. You have to respect their consent and privacy, or you can also face legal repercussions. Most organizations hire companies providing service of SMS advertising companies to seek permission from the receivers and avoid the mistake of messaging without permission

2). Sending Spammy Messages

Another crucial mistake that is ruining the impact of your advertising campaign is sending spammy messages. Most people delete such messages right away and even block the number. The spammy messages usually have half or inappropriate content, or it is delivered in parts. Moreover, if you are attaching some suspicious links, then your message will be classified as spam. So, avoid these mistakes.

3). Wrong Timing

Another grave mistake you are committing in your advertising campaign is sending messages at the wrong timing. Late-night hours are the undeniably wrong time to send promotional or informative messages. However, times like early morning and evening can also be considered wrong as people are usually busy in reaching their workplace or home and pay less attention to SMS.

4). Wrong Numbers

If you are using the same contact information which you obtained around two years back, chances are at least 10% of numbers are invalid. Young people specifically change their contact numbers quite frequently. So, if you send messages to a number that is not in use anymore, you are only wasting your resources. Update your data once in a while to make the campaign more effective.

5). Sending Same SMS and Email

There are exceptions in every scenario. Some people do check their emails regularly, especially those belonging to the older generation. If you are using the same message for your SMS and email campaigns, it will lose the impact. People will think that you are not paying enough attention to personalizing the messages accordingly. So, use different content for both platforms.

6). Absence of Compelling CTAs

Call to action is what changes the opinion of the message receivers and compel them to take the action you desire. However, if you are messages are missing a compelling call to action, it will leave zero impact on the target audience. So, pay attention to crafting the CTAs and use them strategically to gain attention.

7). Not Measuring the Frequency

Another unintentional mistake that is ruining your advertising campaign is not measuring the frequency of messages. The number can be too small or big. Both of the scenarios are not in your favor. There should be a moderate level and frequency of sending messages. Only then you will be able to stay alive in the memory of message receivers without annoying them.

8). Using Generic Content

The purpose of SMS advertising is to share personalized messages that get instant reactions. However, if you are using generic content in your messages, you are giving the reason for ignoring the message to the receiver. So put a little effort into it. You can hire the service of companies offering SMS advertising in Dubai to craft the perfect message and send it to the target population without committing any mistake.

Bonus guide to ace your SMS advertising!

Here are a few practices that can help you achieve your purpose. Besides them, you can also contact professional services and make your advertising campaign more effective and successful. Check the points here:

  • Be clear about your frequency
  • Use short and brand-friendly codes
  • Use the right business keywords
  • Avoid slangs and abbreviations
  • Keep the message short

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