Enjoy a True Axe throwing experience and many more on weekends

So here we have Atlanta axe master and Paranoia Quest. We invite you to play an adventurous, exciting game of axe throwing at Atlanta. Not only for champions but anyone can join us. All ages from age 8 to adults can enjoy this game. All it takes is some axes, free time and an aim.

History of axe throwing games

Axe throwing is one of the latest trends started in the cities of Canada, Toronto in 2011. It so happened that a bartender opened a room with targets, axes, food and beers. People got attracted to this place and the crowd started growing especially during festivals, weekends. Although it hasn’t been much around it has already given rise to the formation of an official body laying its rules and regulations.

Atlanta gets you a lot with Axe throwing

You can not only enjoy games, time with friends, food and drinks but also reserve a spot for the bachelorette party, a birthday party, corporate events at Axe Masters and Paranoia Quest.

It is something new filled with a trill, an inexpensive way to spend an evening with loved ones. It takes only a few minutes of training so on aware you about how it is to be played and then the competition begins.

We have something else also to surprise you, that is escape rooms. You must be wondering about what can be done for a weeknight or weekend for more than a day. 

  • We have rooms designed with different themes like space-age style exploration rooms where you uncover some facts about aliens.
  • A murder mystery room that drills your brain to sort out the criminal mystery.
  • A zombie escape which allows you to solve the cause of a mysterious outbreak.
  • A fantasy land where the broken things have to be fixed before the land ends up in the perpetual night.
  • And an escape room full of magic and mysteries.

These escape rooms are for all from beginners to experts, from children to adults. These are large rooms designed for a group of people, friends, and family.

So after reading these entire do you think you need something else that you don’t get bored of. Along with axe throwing, we have a bunch of activities that won’t allow betting bored even for a minute.

No of people and charges to be paid

  • Greatest 2 people can play and share the target and coach at $20 + tax per person.
  • A group of 3 to 24 can play at $60 + tax per person. Greatest 6 people can play on one target.

Benefits of Atlanta Axe throwing

  • Once you get advanced in axe throwing you can take it to the next level ie league. League is the platform for the axe throwing masters. You get to know new techniques and strategies. Practices sharpen your skills and give you a chance to compete and become a champion. 
  • Axe throwing game is getting fame day by day. For this game, you need to have only two things of enthusiasm for the game and a competitive spirit.
  • Axe throwing is a different experience altogether. It gets you a break from a hectic schedule. You not only play it as a game but also can attend a league which we organize. It gives you a friendly atmosphere and many other benefits.
  • It relieves you from stress and stimulates your body and mind to exercise.
  • A perfect activity to bring people together and do teamwork. 

It’s a complete package of game, competition, prizes, food, friends and drinks. So be part of Atlanta axe throwing and enjoy to the fullest.   

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