Few Essential Instagram Tools For Rapid Growth

Instagram comes with a wide range of tools and useful features for the Business Account holders which when used properly and proficiently will provide a wide range of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Rapid growth of followers and business
  • Drive more brand awareness among the target audience
  • Expand the reach of your content
  • Increase the level of engagement in users with your content
  • Increase the number of email subscribers in the lists month after month and more.

However, gaining all these benefits manually would be difficult, if not impossible. It is for this reason you should know and use all the tools available to reach out to your target audience quickly.

The easy to use Instagram marketing tools will help you to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Create a more strategic and effective content pipeline and
  • Make sure your Instagram posts go live as per the schedule.

There are lots of such tools out there for you to use. You may need one or a multiple of these tools according to your needs. If you are unaware of where to find these tools and how useful will these be for your specific type of business, visit sites like and more to know how effectively you can use these tools?

Tools to create better images

There are few specific tools that you can use in addition to the native filters of Instagram to edit and make your photos look their best before you post them on your Instagram feed.

  • VSCO: This is the app that will not only help you in editing your photos but with the link to it will allow double-exposure of your photos both on Instagram as well as this app itself.
  • Wordswag, Typoramaand Over You can use any of these three free tools to tell whether or not a post of inspirational quotes is a graffiti or not and add a text overlay to a picture that is not great in terms of photography skills.
  • Enlight: This low-cost app is a cool tool for small businesses as it will help them to be as creative as possible to edit your photo and make it look out of this world.
  • Afterlight: This Instagram tool, like Enlight, to brand your Instagram with its 128 frames, 74 unique filters, and 78 natural textures.
  • Facetune: This tool will allow you to ‘photoshop’ faces used in the photos before posting them on Instagram platform.

All these tools will help you a lot in editing pictures whether it is for an interview or a product, nature or a close-up of one of your employees.

Iconosquare and Gleam

For Instagram marketing, Iconosquare will help you to monitor all your posts. This end-to-end Instagram analytics tool is epically designed to help you manage all your social media marketing efforts more efficiently and effectively. This tool will give you the data to monitor the performance of your Instagram campaign and help you to track insights easily. It will provide answers to questions such as:

  • How your follower count has grown?
  • Who have unfollowed you recently?
  • Which post got the most engagement?
  • What is the ideal time to post?

In short, it will provide you with all the answers required to plan your posts and schedule them ahead from one single dashboard. The best part is that it will help you to identify the Instagram Influencers for your specific brand and suggest whom you can connect with to grow your brand.

Gleam, on the other hand, is an Instagram tool that will help you in driving more engagement to your posts. It will also help you in capturing more quality leads through contests on social media. You will also get a lot of help in designing your marketing strategy that will encourage conversions.

PLANN and Repost

PLANN happens to be an all-in-one Instagram management tool. Just as the name suggests, it will help you to:

  • Plan your posts
  • Schedule your posts and
  • Analyze your Instagram content.

This is a visual planner and scheduler that comes with a simple drag-and-drop feature that will allow you to manage your account like a pro. This tool will help you to:

  • Decide how exactly the feed will look
  • Design and edit your posts
  • Analyze the performance of each of your posts
  • Know what is working for you
  • Optimize your content
  • Keep a tab on the posts of your competitors
  • Know the color palettes, themes, and hashtags.

Repost, on the other hand, is an Instagram marketing tool that will help you to use user-generated content to repost. This easy to use tool will automate the tedious reposting process on Instagram and ensure that you share the posts with the right users. Since user-generated contents build a sense of trust and loyalty, this tool will help you to build it in your followers much easily. This will ensure higher engagement.

Some other tools to use

Apart from the major Instagram tools mentioned above, there are a few other tools as well that you can use to make your Instagram effort more productive.

  • Shortstack is one such tool that will help you to run Instagram contests which is a great way to create a lot of buzzes, attract new followers and increase brand awareness. This tool will collect all user-generated content and display them. At the same time, it will also keep a track of the performance of your campaigns, show your traffic, and engagement along with other valuable data.
  • Soldsie is another handy tool that will help you to use comments to sell on Instagram. You will need to upload the picture of the product you want to sell along with some relevant information about it. The registered users can comment on the photo and the tool will turn it into a transaction.
  • Social Rank is a special tool that will help you to identify and analyze your followers. At the same time, it will also identify the influencers among them by finding how who engages with your posts and at what frequency.

With all these tools you can sort your audience and better your IG marketing campaign.


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