How to Find and Leverage Micro-Influencers for a PR Boost

Ensuring the correct audience is tuning in to your messages is a piece of a PR pro’s activity. That is the reason for working with micro-influencers and their engaged social media followers should be a part of your powerful 2018 procedure. Influencer marketing isn’t new – however, it is exploding. Looks for the expression “influencer advertising” on Google have expanded 325% in the previous year. It ranks as the quickest developing online client obtaining technique.

An alternative that seems to be picking up steam is working with. What are micro-influencers, you inquire? The examination proceeds to state that 82 percent of buyers who were surveyed for the study revealed they were almost certain to follow a recommendation made by top online influencers. That is a number that needs to stand out enough to be noticed.

With their niche social following, micro-influencers can be a perfect path for brands to arrive at a focused on a portion of their audiences. Since they’re enthusiastic about their specialized topic, the content they produce can be truer and resonate with a more prominent degree with followers. If engagement is the objective, this can be a perfect method to arrive.

Why Use Micro-Influencers for PR?

Some key attributes of an incredible marketing expert incorporate great communication, great commitment, and building up and maintaining networks. Sound familiar?

At their center, the PR and Micro-Influencer industries are in reality fundamentally the same as.

Much the same as micro influencing, PR has demonstrated to be substantially more successful than traditional advertising, as it is increasingly acceptable and relatable—it’s storytelling, as opposed to simply paying to be someplace.

The details don’t lie – 70% of buyers prefer becoming more acquainted with an organization by means of articles as opposed to ads, while 80% of business decision-makers like to get organization data from articles versus an advertisement.

The incredible thing about Micro-Influencers is that, not only do they create the promotion of a kick-ass marketing specialist, yet they additionally make the content for you.

An influx of top online influencers is already out there making and posting amazing content that associates and numerous brands aren’t utilizing this promotional opportunity.

How to Find Micro-Influencers

Brands that need to take a stab at utilizing micro-influencers need to consider their targets and which social media platforms they need to utilize dependent on where their audience hangs out. At that point, obviously, they have to choose micro-influencers.

There Are Several Ways to Do This:

1) Research it all alone: While this can be tedious, it very well may be finished. When you’ve picked a social media platform, look for profiles utilizing a keyword and after that utilization, the channels gave to narrow down the outcomes. You can likewise glance through your follower list for the individuals who might be a fit.

2) Hire an agency: There are many agencies that presently have some expertise in helping brands discover influencers at all levels. It very well may be expensive, yet it might wind up saving you from going down away with an influencer who may not be a good match. They can likewise enable you to vet influencers, which is a higher priority than at any other time, remembering that anybody can say anything whenever.

3) Use a platform like Meltwater: An end-to-end management platform, Meltwater not just encourages you to discover influencers; it likewise helps manage and measure your campaigns.

How can Micro-Influencers Improve PR Strategy?

Put essentially, your clients are your best makers. Utilizing individuals that definitely know and love your brand to tell your story is an incredible and valid approach to enhance introduction, as it enables potential clients to ‘find’ you naturally, through a door that PR may discover hard to enter.

While utilizing one celebrity may cost a similar sum as thirty Micro-Influencers, research demonstrates that 94% of buyers trust companions or outsiders for purchasing choices over all other types of marketing.

By using influencers with a captive audience and loyal following, you receive authentic engagement and excellent content tailored to your brand. By joining your current PR procedure with the untapped power of Micro-Influencers, your brand will undoubtedly sell itself.

1.       Listen For Your Brand

As a matter of first importance, you need to get any opportunities that show up normally. For instance, if a well-known YouTube maker makes reference to your item in passing, be set up to connect. Those previously talking positively about your brand are the best ambassadors because they truly put stock in your item.

2.       Examine Your Candidates

As influencers have turned out to be more popular, so have PR bad dreams. Imagine finding influencers for your specialty brew, beginning a campaign, and getting up one morning to discover your influencer who has been captured for a DUI.

Most organizations can endure the mistakes of their influencers; however human error forces owners to settle on untimely choices. The more research you direct upfront, the less you’ll have to stress over about surprises later on.

3.       Endorse Your Finalists

When you’ve verified your applicants and picked a few finalists, feature the reciprocity of micro affecting through promotion. Influencers are far more likely to cooperate with a business that starts a relationship with adulation and consideration.

Try not to promote anything identified with your brand. This is your chance to feature your potential influencers. Participate in their conversations, share their posts, and start your courtship. It might sound good old, yet this is to what extent term relationships are formed.

4.       Empower User-Generated Content

Did you realize that 85% of clients find visual, client created content more influential than pictures and posts from brands themselves? In other words, content made by your influencer, instead of for your influencer, will perform better.

Energize your top online influencers by re-tweeting and sharing content they produce for your brand, welcoming them to compose content for your blog, or propelling a client created a content challenge.


Micro-influencers offer ease and high ROI marketing solutions. They additionally increment the reach of business exponentially and are profoundly trusted by their followers. These influencers additionally put tremendous endeavors in producing personal relationships with their followers which guarantee they create progressively social media engagements, which emphatically influence SEO.


Mohd Sohel Ather, software engineer by profession, writer and journalist by passion, Also a tech geek and app reporter for quality technology blogs like Streamium Cafe and news agencies. And loves to work on Guest posting, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing Strategies. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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