Integrating Instagram Stories to boost your brand

Instagram Stories’ addictive design propels many of us to view them for longer than usual. We don’t know what follows next, and it’s easy to continue clicking rather than just exiting. Instagram business insights show how many people clicked on to the next Story, and shows how many people left the concerned conveyor belt.

  • IG Stories lock users into viewing things they didn’t know they wanted to. That’s why it’s the perfect abode for businesses.
  • Announcements are one of the best features. Due to Stories’ instant nature, it’s a great way to share brand announcements such as new staff members, new products and general updates.
  • These moments form a brilliant gateway to post your company’s behind-the-scenes footage that wouldn’t essentially earn a place on your mail profile.
  • Your followers can feel you’re making them privy to your important and the latest information. They also get to know you and the brand.
  • All these personal insights could involve anything from promoting or packaging a new item to wishing another marketer.
  • Announcements help convey your brand’s human side and consequently bolster brand awareness and core engagement.
  • IG Story Highlights have become a game-changer after they came out. For regular IG folks, they act as a great personal showreel, but for businesses, it becomes a classic extension of your profile bio and work.

A professional implementation

Once you’ve some experience with Stories, it’s time to experiment with different formats. Considering creating a Type, Boomerang, Live, Focus, Superzoom, Hands-free, or Rewind post by choosing one of these options before tapping the white circle.

If you take your pictures outside IG, shoot IG Stories content in a vertical manner. It will take up an optimum room on your screen. Checking your IG Story views is equally important.

Tap your Story on the Home Screen’s top left to bring up your content. In the corner of every Story, you can see how many of your followers saw it. You can then swipe up to see a throng of users that have watches every individual post in your IG Story.

  • If you wish to hide your Stories content from someone who’s viewing it, tap the three crucial dots to your user name’s right.
  • Next, tap Hide story from that username. It will hide all future Stories and posts from that particular person.
  • However, they will still be able to view your regular posts and profile. You’re just hiding your Stories here.

The new delights for marketers

Instagram has released a plethora of updates in recent years. Testing the removal of its Likes is one of the most conspicuous ones. In late 2019, IG tested removing the open/public like the meter on posts in various markets/fields, including the US.

  • However, the platform still tracks Likes and they remain a crucial metric for brands.
  • Stories Stickers are on an upsurge. Dynamic Stories stickers, with functions like countdowns and pools, have become customary for followers for Instagram, and the social media platform continues to add new ones.
  • It recently added the famous quiz sticker that bolsters highly interactive IG Stories. Make sure you’re not confusing this functionality or tool with a multiple-answers poll because it provides right and wrong answers when you tap on them.
  • Shopping with stellar AR features is also on the rise. Select businesses are currently testing the new IG shopping feature that integrates augmented reality filters.
  • They are using filters that you already know from IG stories and posts. You can also find them in Snapchat.
  • Threads are helping to message to expand. It’s a new, dynamic and stand-alone application that you tie to your IG messages from your close contacts list.
  • While it’s a more personal message service in terms of scale and orientation, the app’s evolution will help provide great insights into your brand’s reach.
  • You can see when your audience wants to engage in more small-scale and private conversations.

Few creative business growth hacks

If you want to pitchfork your virality and viability up a notch, it’s time to release a branded IG stories AR filter. IG introduced the Spark AR Studio in 2019, meaning that anybody can build and submit a concerned AR filter on Instagram.

  • Spark AR is a pretty complex tool, requiring a fairly advanced mechanism and skillset. With appropriate design help, it can a mighty effect tool to help your business reach new followers.
  • For instance, cult and niche skincare brands are releasing branded AR filters, drawing inspiration from their own products.
  • The brand-specific filters create awesome aesthetics that lure your target audience. The more they use, the more product and brand awareness they have.

The second hack is to create sharable branded products and assets. Highly visual and shareable assets of your Stories can create magic for your brand.  As a content creator, you can share templates on your Stories daily. Your followers can screenshot and personalize these templates.

You need to consider the form of content that’s most likely to produce many re-posts, which include recipe cards, Q+A templates, data visualizations, and visual tutorials. Make sure your product branding is visible enough so that your company benefits from every single share.

Tips for brands and marketers

Use the vast GIF database extensively. Giphy reportedly entails more than 1 billion GIFs. There’s definitely something for each occasion. Try implementing the question stickers. You can conduct an “ask me anything” interview format with a renowned person at your firm to humanize your business and generate interest and curiosity among your audience.

  • Using the cool formats, you can reverse the existing equation. You can know what they think of your current/latest product.
  • Just open the channel or floor. Ask users what they want and showcase your business and customer service directives through your responses.
  • Use the pivotal ‘On This Day’ button to repurpose and re-introduce your old content. That’s how ‘throwback’ works. You can show and old behind-the-scenes picture, or emphasize on a past milestone or event.

Use your Close Friends list to connect with a pivotal bracket of your audience. Take advantage of your list’s exclusivity by offering rare content, such as behind-the-scenes and sneak peeks.


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