Key Factors That Can Increase Your MSME Loan Eligibility

Certain factors can increase the MSME loan eligibility. Our honourable prime minister of India launched some of these schemes that offer loans up to 10 lac INR or more to some of these micros, non-firm and non-corporate organisations. These loans are, however, classified under the Micro Units Development and Refinance Agencies Limited.

Every medium and small enterprise requires funds to grow their business. Once these enterprises know about the MSME loan eligibility, they can take the required funds to fund their business.

It is one of the non-banking financial institutions that support the development of any medium and small-sized enterprises. Under such a scheme, one can get a loan from various financial institutions, including microfinance institutions, small financial banks or any commercial banks. The micro, medium and small enterprises can look forward to getting the fund after applying for the credit online through the official portal.

There happen to be three different schemes under the loan term, including Shishu, Kishore and Tarun. These three schemes signify the various stages of growth and development. Each of these stages has its kind of funding needs, and it offers a reference point for the next growth phase or graduation phase.

Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme

One can also look forward to the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme. Under this scheme, the government offers several self-employment opportunities to the traditional artisans for the unemployed youth. They can get the funding through micro-enterprises establishments. The khadi and village industries Commission executes this scheme at the national level and helps increase the capital turnover ratio of any MSME enterprise. Under the scheme, one can get the funding through the designated banks into the account directly.

Anyone above 18 years can apply for this scheme to get the loan amount. From that, the individual must be standard 8th pass to get the loan amount. The same individual can apply for ten lacs INR and above if the business or service costs 5 lakh INR and above.

In addition to that, several institutions registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and the self-help groups and cooperative societies and charitable trusts are eligible. But existing units under REGP or units that already applied for any government subsidies cannot take the benefits of this scheme.

Few growth strategies:

When the small and medium enterprises plan for the growth strategies, they must apply for the credit carefully. One should avoid researching themselves to any alternative lending sources to get easier and faster access to funds. It might cost them collateral, including their valuable properties. The rate of interest of such alternative lending sources must be pretty high. Apart from that, one must understand that the lender and borrower relationship is essential as the lender provides feedback to the CIBIL score of the borrower. It is one of the critical factors that determine the CIBIL rank of the borrower. Every medium and small enterprise pays the lenders within the stipulated period to build up a higher CIBIL rank. It makes it easy for them to get the approval of the credit the next time they apply for it. The high rank in the CIBIL board can enhance the chance of faster approval of loans.


In addition to that, these enterprises must check their company credit report and the CIBIL rank regularly. Constant monitoring can help them to monitor the action while identifying any inaccuracies. If the rank is one, then the chances of approval of the loan are higher. Moreover, most commercial banks look for the CIBIL score before offering credit amounts to the lenders. They also tend to provide discounted rates of interest based on the score. Hence every medium and small enterprise should indulge in the regular check of their company credit report and the CIBIL rank.


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