Reasons Why People’s Inclination Towards Online Ordering Increase

Advancements in technology and digitalization have changed the world around us in more ways than we ever predicted. Today, we order everything online, right there, from food to grocery to taxi to clothing. Everything we obtain at our doorsteps. From something as simple as messaging a friend to booking tickets online to order food online- everything seems to be a lot simpler and convenient when it’s done online. 

The above image reflects that there are lots of reasons why more and more people prefer online ordering over physical shopping these days. The consumer’s choice and buying behavior have changed dramatically in the recent decade due to busy and fast-paced lifestyles. The penetration of smartphones and the internet are the major reasons behind the online ordering business’s growth. (source)

Three factors play an important role and influence people to buy products and services online, 

  1. Easy and convenient 
  2. There are tons of products just a click away
  3. Saves time and money 

There are a lot of reasons why customers today prefer online rather than visiting places. Here we go. 

# Convenience 

This is the first and most crucial reason why people have shifted their focus towards online ordering. Convenience is the biggest perk, and consumers these days prefer convenience over price as it saves time. 

Moreover, consumers can avail 24*7 products and services without any hindrances. They don’t need to roam around streets and various shops for products or services as per their requirement. They just need to Google and visit a particular site, select what you need, make a payment, and you are done. 

One can easily browse multiple websites and online shops to order whatever they choose. Here we should not forget that this is why people love ordering food through online food delivery apps as it offers them multiple options within the shortest possible time. This is why food business owners are advised to create an app like ubereats as it enables them to boost sales and customer retention ratio. 

It takes a lot of time to visit a store and find an exact match product, whereas it is way easy to place an order online and get it delivered at doorsteps within a short time. Due to the Corona pandemic, many brick-and-mortar stores stepped up their efforts and enabled people to order products online. 

# Better Prices

This is another important reason why people’s inclination towards online ordering increases as it is a cost-effective affair as they get attractive deals and discounts on several products and services. Attrac deals and better prices are available online because products come to customers directly from the manufacturer without any middlemen. 

Furthermore, you can compare prices and find a better deal based on your budget and choice. Many online sites offer discounts and other perks in order to boost sales. For instance, Snapdeal offers a “deal of the day,” Amazon and Flipkart often come with “Big Billion Sales” in which the products’ prices are considerably low compared to what they would cost in stores. 

# Reviews From Other People 

According to Internet Retailer, 67% of consumers look for online reviews for products and services before buying it. This number reinforces the importance of online reviews and ratings for online ordering websites and apps. 

When you visit a particular store, it is impossible to know reviews from previous consumers, but with online shopping, people can easily read feedback from previous consumers and make decisions based on that. 

Positive reviews, ratings, and customer testimonials for your products and services help consumers decide. The better the rating, the higher are the chances of it to sell. At the time of placing an order online, we often check reviews of previous consumers for particular dishes. 

The Facebook like button also these days is treated as social proof to your website or app. More likes mean your product will be recommended to more consumers. 

# More Bonuses and Attractive Perks 

This is another reason people enjoy online ordering as they get attractive deals on various products and services; it influences them to visit the site or app again and again. Consumers get enticing attractive deals when they shop online. In a bid to attract more consumers, owners usually offer heavy discounts and deals that buyers can use to make purchases online.

The popularity of online ordering is increasing with time as they have to keep up with the competition. In order to increase sales and consumer retention ratio, business owners offer deals on purchases, free delivery, and much more to grab the user’s attention. 

How COVID-19 Drives a Surge In Online Ordering  

As people are following social distancing as a way to prevent themselves from the spread of Coronavirus. Naturally, more and more people buy products and services online to stay safe inside their homes. This is why business owners also embrace online solutions to stay connected with consumers and boost sales. 

The recent lifestyle of staying inside homes is turning the attention of people towards online ordering. Several product categories have been experiencing significant growth, such as:

  1. Online food and grocery delivery business (BigBasket, UberEats, Zomato, Instacart)
  2. Subscription services (Amazon Prime, Netflix)
  3. Health and safety products

Apps like Walmart Grocery and Instacart have witnessed major growth in daily downloads and order requests. (source)

In Conclusion

These days people get everything online, from clothes to essentials to cab to food. People are going digital, and online ordering is one of the best options for consumers to get anything at their doorstep with one click. 

Especially online food and grocery are one of the trends of the modern world that has made the world much smaller and smarter. An extensive range of products, a fast-paced lifestyle, and convenience are the primary reasons for attracting people towards online ordering. 


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