Top 7 Must-Have Inventory Tracking Excel Based Templates

Are you thinking about acquiring low-cost and easy to implement tools for tracking inventory for business or home use? Go for easy-to-use, downloadable, Excel, or Google spreadsheets in varying templates to suit your unique needs. 

Businesses need to stay on top of their game by efficiently keeping track of their stocks to provide for shortages and surpluses. Enterprises also must know which of their projects are performing well and which of them need a boost.

Even homemakers would like to curate easy-to-track audit sheets for personal possessions for a plethora of reasons. One could draw up a list of reasons such as, for insurance purposes, to account for untoward incidents, for instance, burglary, storage, or maybe just to plan an event!

Even though some large-sized enterprises prefer to use advanced inventory software, downloadable free excel inventory templates serve the purpose equally well, if not better!

If you are a small, mid-sized business looking for inventory management software in Excel or Excel inventory management templates, we at Software Suggest are here to help! Read on to discover well-researched, customizable inventory management templates for catering to a varied range of purposes.

1. Basic Inventory Control Template

If your business doesn’t function around inventory tracking and management, you can achieve your goals with a Basic Excel Inventory Control Template. This primary tool will help you with simple tools to manage your inventory, such as auto calculations for tabs like running inventory values and quantities. You can conduct a simple search on inventory items by ID number, name, description, and unit price.

The template mentioned above comes with a clean, straightforward, and intuitive UI and is entirely customizable, much like the rest of the templates on this blog. 

You can track the total quantity and the value of your existing inventory, reorder dates, in addition to out of stock or discontinued items. 

2. Food and Beverage Inventory Template

Whether you are a restaurateur or a food service enterprise, or maybe just someone who likes to stay super organized with his/her kitchen supplies, you need to get yourself the following free, downloadable template for tracking your food or beverage supplies!

With the following tool, you can easily track the current pantry reserves of food stocks such as meat and vegetables and stay updated with the inventory costs. 

3. Asset Tracking Template

If you are an entrepreneur or a small biz owner, you are surely well acquainted with the importance of keeping track of your business assets. Stuff like computer hardware, office equipment that needs to be maintained and accounted for can be jotted down in this free, downloadable asset tracking template. 

You can keep track of variables regarding your movable or immovable assets, such as their quantity, value, supplier information, warranty dates, serial number, physical location, and lots more. A boon for small businesses, one can customize the template to suit one’s needs and requirements.

4. Equipment Inventory Template

No business can function without the necessary equipment. Ensure that the equipment your business runs on is fully accounted for and managed with the following free equipment inventory template. With the regular use of such a tool, business owners can keep track of depreciation, operating expenses, loan balances, warranty dates, and more. 

Having all this database at your fingertips enables you to know things like:

  • when exactly is an upgrade due
  • or which items are being used the most 
  • which of them are costing more than they are delivering, and of course, 
  • where is the equipment being stored

The time to take action is now! Welcome enhanced operational efficiency, reduce unnecessary expenditure by accurately tracking your equipment inventory usage and cost modules. 

5. Home Inventory Template

Getting through the unpredictability of life can be made easier if you have a possession repository in place. Something that you can turn to in the event of any untoward incident such as the death of a loved one, burglary, fire outbreak, etc. 

The following home inventory downloadable template facilitates easy documentation of your home assets, including details like model, serial numbers, warranties, purchase price, insurance policy numbers, purchase price, current value, etc. 

The document has a column for mentioning the location to easily organize items based on their placement in the rooms of your home. 

6. Personal Inventory Template 

Similar to the home inventory template mentioned above, the personal inventory template facilitates maintaining a record of personal belongings. Such an exercise provides for a much more prepared approach in the face of adversities or natural calamities. 

You can use this tool to track your personal items such as artwork, books, media, and other collectible items. With the help of this tool, you can track your personal items, valuables, describe their condition, and document their value. 

7. Software Inventory Template

This one is a boon for IT professionals who wish to keep track of their software and hardware purchases, upgrades, and license expiration dates. Presenting a bespoke software and hardware inventory template where one can easily maintain records of the installation location of software, access supplier, license renewal dates, and purchase date information.

4 recommendations on a way to effectively manage inventory exploitation stand out:

Now that you just have completed the necessity for maintaining inventory to type your structure loopholes, browse on to get some helpful tips for an economical stand-out program handling. 

1. Eliminate possibilities of human error with Excel:

To eliminate or cut back possibilities of error, conduct regular audit rounds, and daily reviews. 

2. Use the cloud:

With the normal offline stand out documents, there’s a limitation on the number of persons acting on the sheet at one explicit time. Only 1 person will work on the sheet at any given time. However, once you create use of the net Google version, many of us will at the same time create edits or suggestions on the sheet, thereby dashing up the entire audit method. 

3. Effective audit and review:

Unless you have got a barcode scanner connected to your system, and therefore, the alternative aspects are machine-controlled, possibilities of error stay. Make sure that you maintain a record of your daily transactions on paper moreover. This habit permits you to correct any unintended mistakes. 

4. often consolidate your knowledge:

making charts and graphs to research your monthly, or quarterly data is usually a decent choice. 

Here is, how you’ll be able to produce a pivot table in stand out spreadsheets: 

  • Click, ‘Insert’, select, ‘Tables’, and so choose ‘PivotTable’. 
  • Select the table place the panel that pops up. 
  • Choose the situation of the new pivot table. 
  • Click on “OK.” 
  • Customize the table to fit your wants. 

To sum up, it is smart to use stand out rather than manually pursuit inventory. We have a tendency to hope that the on top of customizable templates can prepare your structure wants. Be at liberty to succeed in intent on our team at just in case of any queries.


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