Understanding Roles: Project Portfolio management and Solution architecture in 2021

The 2017 planview survey found that the structure of digital companies refining systems has suffered greatly from the traditional way of doing things. The survey found that digital companies are not able to provide companies with the right portfolio and project solutions to keep pace with the times.

Companies decide to adapt their processes and systems to meet the needs of companies in a rapidly changing technology environment. This rapid transformation of digital transformation requires a team of skilled and experienced companies. They divide a job into two parts to meet the business needs of the company. When the same work is divided and combined after processing separately, it is easier to distribute as fast as the company needs. This requires solution architecture before developing any technical solution. As well as Project Portfolio Management analyzes the overall project.


Solution Architecture is usually used in a private organization to find an architectural solution through team work. Such architecture is usually used in the field of information technology. Applications are used as a simple method to solve various complex problems in any business or relying on software architecture and technical architecture to release complexity through some software.

Project Portfolio Management serves as the main analysis of the portfolio that is formed for any type of project. Solution Architecture analyzes an application through group work where Project Portfolio Management helps the business to improve the business by marketing the software through a holistic analysis. Here PPM or Project Portfolio Management works efficiently on the availability and resources of the whole project or program. It makes a special contribution to reach. The subject is explained through a simple discussion below.

What is Solution Architecture?

Solution architecture is the method of solving architecture from a private organization through group work according to the information described earlier. Simply put, this solution architecture is the key to solving and managing all the technical problems of a particular business. It solves specific tasks by leading a personal field through practice. This exercise can be conducted at home. There are some companies that offer solutions as a specific set of services.

It contains huge documents of any program or software or application. In which it is possible to design information according to the needs of the individual or company or organization. The document information described in Solution Architecture shows all current and future solutions. This group architecture meets the needs of a business sector through a masterful solution through a combination of groups such as information architecture, system portfolio, etc.

Why Solution Architecture is used?

Take the help of digital solutions for easy solution of complex information of any business field or company. As a result, complex work is completed in a very short time. It is used to solve their problems in a joint effort according to the needs of the clients. The group uses a modeling language called BlueDolphin to solve each problem. Other topics in this BlueDolphin include application portfolio management, project portfolio management, business process management, data management, etc.

What is Project Portfolio Management?

Project Portfolio Management is a process in which the beginning and end of a defined project is a temporary endeavor to facilitate and determine resources. Resources manage a specific portfolio in different ways in the same way as project compilation, planning. Project Portfolio Management is often associated with budget, resources or output. It is possible to manage a project together through the same portfolio instead of managing it individually. It basically serves as an overall analysis of solution architecture.

Project Portfolio management consists of some management. The managements are time management, demand management, project and program management, resource management, risk management, financial management respectively.


The above two ways are to restore the infrastructure of digital companies. At present, this system is used to improve and market various applications or software. In addition, the above two measures are taken to provide any project to different private companies or companies according to their needs.

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