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7 Best Music Band Types To Jazz Up Your Wedding Music

A big fat Indian wedding is about good food, fun, music, and dance. Can you imagine an Indian wedding without music and dance? Music is the elixir of life at a wedding.No matter whether it is a Punjabi, Bengali or South Indian wedding a big fat Indian wedding is deemed incomplete without music. After deciding on the wedding venue, catering to the thing that strikes a couple’s mind is the booking of a music band. Be it the Sangeet night, Baraat or the reception the music bands induce life at the wedding.

Knowing the importance of music the wedding market has numerous wedding music bands available. From amongst the available choices selecting the apt one is a dainty task. Are you getting hitched any time soon? Planning to tie the knot in the industrial hub of Punjab? Are you confused about which wedding band in Chandigarh would be best for your wedding? Worry not as the solution to your query is easy. Make the arduous task of booking a music band easier by simply hiring the affordable wedding planners in Chandigarh. Wondering how a wedding planner can help in finding a music band? Well, a planner being a profession has contacts in the market owing to which they would know which is the best music band. Are you thinking which music type would match with your wedding theme? Worry not as we have got your back. Here is a list of the best music band that would jazz up your wedding.

1. Jugalbandi

An interesting music style that has gained popularity is the Jugalbandi. A jugalbandi is basically a musical performance done between two singers or a percussionist and a DJ. You must have heard the jugalbandi at musical concerts that tends to happen between two music players or the band and the singer. The Jugalbandi style of music is perfect for sangeet and the cocktail hour soiree.

2. Bollywood

Being in India one simply cannot ignore the charm of Bollywood music. The beats of the peppy Bollywood numbers are sure enough to make the wedding guests to groove to its tunes. You must have witnessed the quirky dance steps of uncles and latkes and jhatkeys of the ladies in the baraat grooving to the tunes to the Bollywood numbers played by the band. If your one those elite class couples then you can book a Bollywood singer to perform at your wedding. The Bollywood music is perfect for sangeet, Mehendi, baraat and main day ceremony.

3. Sufi Fusion

The soothing tunes of the Sufi music make it a delight for the ears. If you love Sufi music then you can consider having it as part of your wedding entertainment. A number of Sufi music bands such as Faridkot, Daira, Jazba are available in the wedding market. You can consider hiring a Sufi music band according to your preference. The Sufi music band is perfect for reception and cocktail hour soiree.

4. Folk Fusion

If you’re a sticker to ethic and traditional things then folk fusion is your choice. For those wishing to stick to their roots can consider hiring folk fusion bands like Rajasthan Roots. Add a traditional touch to your reception and sangeet as you opt for a folk fusion band.

5. Cover Band

Are you planning for a destination wedding or are you expecting the turnout of your international guests on your special day? No matter whichever case it is you could make use of some English songs at your wedding. To match the preference of your international guests you need to hire cover bands who are versatile in playing both English and regional hits. Hiring a cover band that excels in performing on English songs would ensure that your international guests don’t get bored. The cover bands are perfect for a bachelor’s party, cocktail hour soiree, and reception.

6. DJ

No wedding or party can be deemed complete without a dj. A DJ owning to his proficiency is capable enough to make the people groove to the tunes of music. You can hire a Dj who can seamlessly mix the songs from various centuries in accordance with your entertainment budget.

So these were a few music types that you can consider opting for at your wedding. Which one are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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