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Watching movies at home is definitely more convenient (and cheaper) than going to the movies every time it’s new. The cinemas no longer have classic classics! But nothing, especially for this matter, “My Advice” brings together the best sites where you can find movies and TV shows online for free and without registration!┬áThe top in the list SolarMovie. This is also an online streaming website but not everyone of us can use this to watch movies. So here we have mentioned some websites are a solarmovie alternative to watch non-stop.


New site series and movies for free and very convenient. Premium cinema, image, and sound quality in the highest order. Generally, it’s about the community and about yourself watching the movie. Come find all the news, the best, the most popular – all these filters and sections!

Online Multfilmy:

Another place in our TOP, but this time you can watch anime, animated movies, and anime for free! No need to download movies and comics, you can easily sort by release year and genre. You can find cartoons for children and for themselves. Well, of course, here are all the classics of hand-drawn movies – Disney, Pixar, Ghibli animation and more.

Cinema 24:

A site with a lot of movies and TV shows and easy to watch online.

You can choose by genre and year of release. But there is one big negative sign that you have to search by name or scroll through the screen for a long time without rating, download times, which is really embarrassing. So if you know exactly what you need, go here.

We Look:

It is a great place to watch TV shows and movies. It has a very practical structure and is intuitive. This is the best place for TV shows and movies we have seen, so HDRezka and this site! Note that on this site you can also find movies that have just been released for free! Their quality may vary, but they can be the coolest if you wish.


It is a resource to easily sort all series by country, level, and name. There are many modern TV shows throughout the season and new shows are coming in a day or two. The Internet can give you the best series of online sites, but this place is one of the best. He personally tested the author of the article and is listed as a permanent version where you can download your favorite TV series.


A great place, although not available in all countries, allows you to watch free movies and all the latest TV shows online. Some people need to look through a virtual private network.

It is very convenient to watch on a laptop or smart TV and on an iPhone or Android. On the website, you can search for content by section and genre. When all new items appear in HD Premium quality, they appear immediately. It is also very convenient to note any video based on stars and read hundreds of comments from different viewers.

We also like HDrezka because they do their own dubbing and serial translations and meet to dub other studios, including lost film.

Every day on the site you can find new series, documentaries, Hollywood, Soviet movies. Everything you love and everything you expect! Instead, they drove along to see interesting content!

Top Serial:

Genuine discovery of scissors. Here you can watch free TV shows online. All series are available without registration or SMS. There are dozens of types of series that can be easily classified by year of publication and by other parameters.

Lord Films:

You will find all sorts of interesting films in different styles: cartoons, action movies, westerns, documentaries, crime novels, dramas, and comedies and series. Visit the website – this is a very simple navigation system. Watching movies at home is now completely free. No password, no registration required!


Super side. Since the advent of theater, movies have become brighter and more colorful. We are all excited to see the latest news and wait for the next masterpiece. But what if you don’t have time to watch all the new content on the big screen? No problem, just click the link and see the new topic on the website. And if you want to see older content, use the site search. It’s much easier to watch movies and TV shows everywhere and bring a laptop, and movie websites offer countless opportunities for that! Just click the link to enjoy your favorite movies, share articles with friends, post stars below and leave your tips on your favorite websites in the comments!

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