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Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love – A complete guide

The well-known action rogue-lite Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love recently received a fresh content patch from Game Smithing Limited. The Ritual of Love task must be completed to unlock the new seasonal skills introduced by the Omen of Spring Update. You will find a thorough explanation of the Ritual of Love challenge and the achievements you will get after completing the challenge in this article.

To win a game, you only need to get rid of eight Camor’s Pylons. This can be done by letting Cupid shoot his arrows at the Pylons. The Pylons are easy to spot because they resemble totems with hearts on them. You can easily finish this challenge of Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love with the help of these achievements.

Key Features of Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

Here we will discuss the key features of the Ritual of Love challenge in Soulstone Survivors.

Easy to Complete

Players must visit Whispering Grove to finish the challenge. There, they will locate a heart in the bottom left of their spawning spot. Destroying the heart will summon Cupid. The next step is for players to defeat eight Camor’s Pylons in a single game. The Pylons look like totems with hearts on them, so they are easily identifiable.

Seasonal Skills

Players can obtain three seasonal skills after successfully completing the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love challenge. These skills can change the game significantly and be incredibly helpful in combat.

The three seasonal skills are described below:

  • Heartbreak Orbs: Launches three spheres that move in a curved line and do 80 damage upfront while bleeding any foes they touch. Over 10 seconds, the bleed state effect inflicts 180 damage.
  • Camor’s Arrow: Calls a powerful arrow that strikes the intended location and deals 3,000 damage to all-around opponents. These foes additionally get a bleed that does 600 damage over 10 seconds and stuns them for two seconds.
  • Heartrending Strike: Slashes targets in the direction the player is aiming at, dealing 220 damage upfront and transforming all stacks of bleed on the enemy into Hemorrhage.

A debuff called haemorrhage causes damage over the course of 10 seconds. Each time the victim’s body moves by one meter, Haemorrhage has a 40% chance to cause more damage.

New Enemies

In addition to Cupid, players will encounter new common and exceptional foes in Whispering Grove. Players will encounter diverse monsters in the aforementioned area due to a new spawning system, which will keep things interesting as they work to earn achievements.

Lock Power-ups feature

The Soulstone Survivors have created an innovative new feature that will revolutionize how power-ups and abilities are used in the game. The Lock Power-ups feature allows players to lock in one or more of their amazing choices when they level up to take advantage of the most powerful abilities for the situation.

Exposed and Vulnerable

In addition, Exposed and Vulnerable have been redesigned to focus on heavy-hitting, slower attacks, making them more predictable and easier to use in battle. By increasing direct damage taken by up to 8%, the risk of taking on challenging missions is greatly reduced. The new implementation of the

Lock Power-ups and Exposed and Vulnerable features provide an exciting new way to approach the game and make the process of taking risks more rewarding. The Soulstone Survivors have once again proven their dedication to providing players with the best possible experience with the ritual of love.

Top 7 New craftable weapons:

  1. Barbarian: Tempest Battle Axes
  2. Pyromancer: Shard of Chaos
  3. Hound Master: Heart-seeking Rifle
  4. Spellblade: Icelord’s Blade
  5. Arcane Weaver: Benedictio, Staff of Dawn
  6. Sentinel: Misery’s End
  7. Paladin: Arcane Scepter of Light
  8. Time-Limited Challenge

The Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love challenge is a time-limited event that was to be completed until February 26. This means that players have a limited time to complete the challenge of Soulstone survivors’ ritual of love and obtain seasonal skills. Therefore, players should take advantage of this opportunity and complete the challenge as soon as possible to obtain seasonal skills.

Exciting Gameplay

The Ritual of Love challenge adds a new level of excitement to the game Soulstone Survivors. The task is simple to execute, and the benefits are worthwhile. The new spawning system and new enemies in Whispering Grove make the gameplay even more exciting. Therefore, players should not miss out on this opportunity to experience the new content in Soulstone Survivors.


The Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love is a fun and exciting way to obtain new seasonal skills. The prize is worth the effort, and the task is simple to achieve. The gameplay is even more exciting with new enemies and spawning systems.

As the challenge is time-limited, players should complete it as soon as possible to obtain seasonal skills. Use the comment section below to express your views regarding the discussion below in the comment section.


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