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Virgin River Season 3: A comforting series

Virgin River Season 3 is a romantic drama adapted from Virgin River’s novel, written by Robyn Carr. This series gathered appreciation on a huge level after they released season 2 of Virgin River. There are lots of cliffhangers at the end of season two.

So, the fans of this series are eagerly waiting for season three. Before releasing, Netflix already announced on social media in December 2020 that they will renew 10 episodes of season three. At the end of season two, Alexandra Breckenridge ( playing the role of Mel) found Martin Henderson (playing the role of Jack) in his bar.

He was lying on the floor and was about to die. After this scene, fans are excited to know what happened to him. In season two, Lauren Hammersley (playing the role of Charmaine). She found that she is pregnant, and she strongly believes that the father of her twins’ babies is Jack.

According to Express UK, some fans are guessing that Mel, the partner of Jack, will adapt the twin babies. The series may focus on the love triangle happening between Charmaine, Mel, and Jack in season three. It will be hard for Jack to handle all this.

Fans of this series are postulating lots of angles of this romantic series Virgin River season 3 . After investing, we see that the fans are hating the negative character of Charmaine. Many of them don’t want to watch Charmaine’s negative character in season three.

Season three of Virgin River also focuses on the remarriage of Hope ( Annette O’ Toole) and Doc Mullins’ ( Tim Matheson) as this couple’s relationship was getting better in the previous season. So they may come together in the new season.

The release date of the Virgin River Season 3

On the famous OTT platform of Netflix, season 3 of Virgin River had released on 9th July 2021. A total of 10 episodes had already been released of the series Virgin River season 3. All the ten episodes of this season had released on the same day on the OTT Netflix platform.

In 2019, on 6th December, the industry had released season one of the series Virgin River. After that, on 2020, 27th November, they released season 2 of this series. Both seasons of the series are available on the OTT platform of Netflix. One can easily enjoy the series from Netflix. A subscription plan is required to watch both seasons on the platform Netflix.

In 2018, on 27th September, Netflix had announced this series. Now let’s talk about the storyline of season 3 of the series Virgin River.

The Plot of season 3 of Virgin River

Season 3 of Virgin River has clear all the cliffhangers of the previous season. In which they also include the biological identity’s secret of the twins of Charmaine. This series starts its season three from the part where they showed Jack bleeding on the floor of his bar. It will show what next happened to Jack and the shooter of Jack in all future episodes.

Most of the fans predict that the former colleague of Jack and Brady, the war comrade, are involved in this shooting. This topic also focuses on the love triangle happening between Charmaine, Mel, and Jack.

Besides all this, Stacey Farber has returned as Lynda Boyd’s daughter. Lyndra Boyd is playing the role of Lily in season three. From the past season, Denny has visited in season three. In addition to season three, Sarah Dugdale ( playing the role of Lizzie) is returning this season.

She was introduced as the manager of the General store in season two. Originally Lizzie is from Los Angeles, and she came to Connie to get a better and simpler life. But a major twist comes when her aunt tries to break the relationship between Lizzie and Ricky ( Grayson Gurnsey). Sarah Dugdale said that the series would show more about her character.

In season three, Lizzie is an important character. Virgin River season 3 also focuses on the remarriage of Hope ( Annette O’ Toole) and Doc Mallins’ (Tim Matheson). They came back together after 20 years in the previous season. A rumor spread after their relationship came to a better state in season 2. Now let’s talk about the stars they will cast in this season.

The cast of the Virgin River Season 3

Martin Henderson (playing the role of Jack Sheridan) has a return in season three of Virgin River with Alexandra Breckenridge ( playing the role of Mel Monroe). Colin Lawrence (John Preacher’ Middleton) also confirmed that he is returning in season three after the cliffhangers of the second season.

Lauren Hammersley ( Charmaine Roberts), Tim Matheson ( Vernon Doc’ Mullins), Jenny Copper ( Joey Barnes), Benjamin Hollingsworth ( Dan Brady), Annette O’ Toole ( Hope Mc Crea), and Grayson Gurnsey ( Ricky). These are the characters who have return in season three from the previous seasons.

In this season, few new characters have also arrived in the series. Grey’s Anatomy star Zibby Allen is playing the role of Brie, the sister of Jack. Schitt’s Creek’s Stacey Farber is playing the role of the daughter of Lily Tara.

However, as per the teaser of Netflix, we noticed that Ricky might face some competition while capturing Lizzie’s heart in the future. From that teaser, Netflix reveals the new character Parker, who is the Magicians star Markian Tarasiuk. It seems that he is flirting with Lizzie on the beach.


Therefore, Virgin River season 3 already made a huge number of fans with its romantic and emotional storyline. Season 3 of this series doesn’t disappoint its fan. One should take time and enjoy every simple moment of the series. They are very beautiful. Everything happens dramatically in this season.


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