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Which Is The Best Third-Party Play Store?

There are different play stores if you have ever checked them out. Often people are too much engaged with Google play store that they forget there are alternatives too. Indeed, just because you have Google play store pre-installed in your device it does not mean you are going to stick to it only. There are so many play stores out there that you can check out and make the most of.

The best third party play store

Talking about the third party play stores, the best and the most popular one is 9apps. This global play store is absolutely amazing because of its features and the variety it has. You would not find any type of complaint with this store because of its multi-faceted personality. The point is the play store gets you all the applications from beyond one or two places. You would get all the third-party applications in this store. Moreover, even the apps that are there on Google play are available in this store. In this way, you would never feel confined or restricted to any specific number of applications.

The size is petite

Yes, the size of this play store is really petite if you take into consideration it’s working. The play store would take only a few MBs of your device and that isn’t going to exceed 10mb. Indeed, you can easily have this play store on your device without worrying about the tight position of your device. Since the play store is too light in its weight, it never triggers any issues related to smoothness and overall working too. You can always ensure that the play store is working smoothly and flawlessly. Often the other play stores are too heavy to have on your device. They eat up a massive amount of storage space but this store is unique.

Variety in applications

Whether you love to play games, like to use dating applications, you are a voracious learner, love to read the news, have passion for doing art & crafts or anything; you would find all types of applications for you on this play store. The beauty is that you have alternatives in every type of applications. In this way, you would never have to compromise with anything. You have the applications that make your working, living and overall actions fulfilling, exciting and contenting.

Even if you want to binge on the applications that demand heavy subscriptions or the ones that are really expensive to purchase; you don’t have to worry. This play store gets you everything for free. Yes, you heard it right you get all the expensive and qualitative applications for free. Whether a popular app or the ordinary one; any type of application you can have without spending any money.


Thus, you should have this play store on your android device if you don’t yet. This play store is going to open up so many new paths towards variety, rich experiences, and ease for you. The coolest thing is that the play store is easy to use and light in weight to own.

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