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5 Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix Them

Having a problem and troubles with your Macbook is very annoying and it would surely disturb your whole situation.

Nowadays Macbook is very popular due to its portability, high performance, and outstanding features. It can consider as the most expensive device as other laptops, tabs and computers. Moreover, you never buy it anytime and anywhere so it is very important to properly take care and repair your device timely. 

On the other hand, if there is any type of problem and error is created in your Macbook then you immediately need to repair it but from a professional store. Because in today’s time there are a lot of repair stores are available in the market and assure you to provide the quality Macbook repair services. But some of them have slight knowledge about apple repairing. So, if you do not find the professional repair store with quality services and proper knowledge then you should opt for Macbook Repair in Saskatoon

Always a professional and experienced technician provides you the quality services because they know about all the latest technology and technique of repairing and able to repair your device professionally. Here are some common problems of Macbook and ways to fix them  

Problem 1. Startup Issue:

This is the most annoying problem but sometimes it can fix with few efforts. If your Macbook is not booted properly and you find the blank screen or a grey screen on the Macbook desktop then it’s time to repair your device. Here are some solutions to this problem


  • First, in this situation, you need to know that, Is your Macbook completely turn off or just the screen? Does it make any sound and the keyboard keys still light up? If yes, then possibly the problem with your screen you immediately need to reboot or shutdown your device properly. 
  • Second, you try to run or start up your device on safe mode with the press and hold the shift key. It will take a few minutes and after the apple logo disappears and the login screen appears. After that, you should log in to your Mac operating system and diagnose the hardware issues. Plus, after a few minutes restart your device without pressing any key as you see your device is running properly. Sometimes this problem can cause of non-upgrade memory and Operating system. So, always upgrade your device timely. 

Problem 2. Laptop works but screen not working:

In some cases with Macbook, the device runs properly and ready to use but the screen is not working and shows a blank screen. You can easily fix this problem with a few steps. Let’s considered below!


  • If your screen is blank but your device is working and ready to use then in this situation to try to reset your device. You just need to hold the power buttons for a few seconds and release it. And after that, you just normally press the power button and your screen would turn on. 
  • Secondly, if there is a problem with your external screen then this can cause of update. You need to update your device by other external devices and select the update button. After that install all the updates that you see for firearms, MacOS or any Macbook operations.  
  • Always make sure you don’t make use of other screen adapters on Mac. The Macbook doesn’t work with different adapters.

Problem 3. Battery won’t charge fully and properly:

Any device works with the help of the battery and if the battery is not working well and charge properly then it could be very difficult to manage your work and daily tasks. So, let’s discuss some solutions to this problem.


  • Generally, the reason of battery is not charged properly is called adapter or charging cables. Sometimes you make use of other device adapter and charger for charging Macbook but Macbook connectors are not working with other computer and laptop chargers. Apple devices consist of different technologies and they only require their adapters and chargers for working well and efficiently. So, make use of original Mac chargers instead of other laptops. 
  • If you make use of the original Macbook charger but still the battery is not charged when you try to check the switching outlets. Plus, You try to put out your adapter from an outlet for a few minutes and again try to connect it.

Problem 4. MacBook is overheating:

Overheating means your device start hanging and freeze. There are some technical and non-professional causes of Macbook overheat. This includes soft surface touch with the Macbook and air is not passed proper block the vent. Some time it can cause of unwanted apps, data and needs to upgrade. Here are some solutions that you need to do in this situation:


  • First, check the Macbook screen if you see a lot of files and apps then delete it from desktop and save it in drives with the particular folder. After that check the activity of monitor which app takes time and power for opening if you want unwanted app then uninstall it.  
  • If there is no problem with the file and operating system then you need to check the fan. Disconnect all attached devices such as the keyboard, mouse, and charger then check the air problem with turn it shut down and restart. 

Problem 5. Apps crashing frequently:

App crashing only done by two causes: First, out of space and the second app need to update. Here are some solutions:


  • Optimize the app updates by dealing with the Macbook menu, going to the app store and check to look at the all updates app.
  • If you didn’t find any type of update then uninstall the app and re-install it again.
  • Sometimes apps are crashing by the cause of overheating. If you see you Macbook overheats then shutdown it and cool it for one hour. After that try to run the app it works perfectly.

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