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An Indicator of Cyber Security Expertise

Cybersecurity has been a burning topic across all industries. What is Cybersecurity? Why is it so important? Cybersecurity can be termed as a fundamental right that everyone has, whether it is an organization or an individual. It is as essential as the right to privacy and enjoys the same status across legal circles. The ethos of Cybersecurity is deep-rooted in our IT infrastructures. The mass-scale urbanization has led to millions of companies going online. This, in turn, has led to an increased risk of attacks on Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity deals with the protection of data stored on the servers of companies that do business online. From simple shopping malls to large MNCs, everyone is prone to attacks by hackers. Malware, Ransomware, Trojans, and many other types of viruses are used to extract data from users. This data is later used to blackmail and extract the needed things from the users. 

What is CISSP?

The large scale modernization and increase in the number of businesses going online has spurred the incidents of Cybersecurity attacks. Many companies have incurred losses worth millions through these attacks. Therefore, companies are looking for individuals having the required skills to tackle Cybersecurity issues. To prove their credentials as a cyber-security expert, individuals need something more than a simple degree in data or computer science. The CISSP or Certified Information System Security Practitioner is one such certification that will provide valid credentials to individuals who possess knowledge, experience, and expertise in Cybersecurity applications. 

Why is CISSP important?

CISSP is gaining popularity. This is evident from the fact that industry groups recommend it as an effective way to gauge the Cybersecurity skills of an individual. A significant number of organizations are listing the CISSP qualification as their job requirement specifications. Top job recruiters are looking to hire a professional who will protect their organization from security attacks. 

What are the benefits of CISSP certification?

The CISSP is being heralded as the best certification for individuals looking for a cyber-security professional job. But, before finding out more about the CISSP exam, let’s examine the benefits of CISSP. 

  • Most IT industry groups recommend CISSP as the standard for Cybersecurity expertise. So, if you have a CISSP certification, your resume will be favored by most employers.
  • A significant number of job postings in Information Security have listed a CISSP certification as the prerequisite for applying to them.
  • A CISSP certification attracts the attention of HR managers and job recruiters as it is a highly specialized certification and assures the employers of your skills.
  • A record number of CISSP certified professionals have been employed in fortune 500 companies. This proves how prestigious accreditation is to employers around the world.
  • CISSP certified professionals occupy most of the top positions in IT companies. This shows that CISSP professionals get promoted sooner than their non-certified professionals. 

How to get a CISSP Certificate

A highly specialized certification like the CISSP needs more than just a few course books to complete it. It is meant for advanced IT professionals, so; you need to possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in 2 or more CISSP domains to be eligible for the CISSP exam. You might get a one-year waiver on the experience if you possess a relevant 4-year degree in any branch of IT. The expertise you own needs to be endorsed by another person certified with CISSP. Persons not having any experience will need six years to complete the course, and the path followed is known as ISC2. 

The CISSP has a code of ethics named the ISC2 Code of ethics that must be taken very seriously. Any individual found to be violating the Code of ethics can be stripped of the certification and prevented from appearing for further exams. The CISSP certification is valid for three years. You can renew it every three years by earning or collecting 120 points within three years. If you fail to raise the required points, you have to retake the exam.

There are many ways to prepare for the CISSP certification exam. You can either self-study or enroll yourself in an institute providing quality training to pass the CISSP examination. 

This was an overview of the CISSP certification that proves that the CISSP certification is an indicator of Cybersecurity expertise. 


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