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An Insight to the Features of Xender

Technology is growing and so is the modern era with everything becoming digitized and technology savvy. The same applies to the process of exchanging valuable information through data files and documents. And so comes Xender!

Xender is an application that enables users to transfer all important files between two smartphones. Whether GIFs, video files, JPEG, PNG, or any other format, the process is simple and efficient supporting files of all sizes and formats with transfers taking place within seconds.

As per the current technology, the app supports more than 22 languages used across the globe. Some of the major languages include English, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Bengali. Furthermore, it supports 12 Indian languages with easy access and functional file sharing platform working seamlessly at zero investment.

Get Xender in Your Computer

With such an important role to play, Xender is often a significant tool for computers. Now, the question arises how to get Xender in your computer and how to use the application for data transfer between two different computers. However, the process is simple and takes place on a wireless connection without the need for any LAN connectivity. The app also works flawlessly for transfers taking place between computers and smartphones running on Android and iOS without the use of a USB cable.

Here is a simple method to share files between a computer and mobile devices.

  • Download the Xender app on your mobile phones to send files.
  • On the app search for the plus (+) sign and click on it.
  • Then enable the WiFi hotspot of your mobile device.
  • Navigate to the page where you will come across the IP address.
  • Then use the IP address in the browser of your computer.
  • Through the wireless connection, connect the Xender app with the computer.
  • A dialogue box will appear to give you access to accept the connection request.
  • Once you accept the Xender app connection, you can conveniently transfer files between your phone and computer.

Know the Features of Xender

To have a better understanding of how transfers take place between two devices and how the functionalities of the app work wonders, it is good to know its features. Here are some of the most striking and amazing features of Xender:

  • Free: Xender is an application that is absolutely free to use when two computers need to exchange files without the use of a LAN connection.
  • Cross-Platform: It is a cross-platform application that is compatible with all platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices.
  • High Transfer Speed: The transfer speed between the mobile device and the computer is comparatively very high when compared to transferring files over a LAN connection or through Bluetooth connectivity. The transfer speed is almost 300 times faster than that of Bluetooth connection.
  • Multiple Formats and Sizes: The process supports multiple formats and sizes of files that need to be exchanged between the two specified devices. This includes photos, documents, music files, videos, and software applications. It also includes.exe and .msi types of files.
  • Clean User Interface: Xender is not a complicated process but an application with a clean and clear user interface so that all the users can easily understand and use the app.
  • No Network: There is no need for any internet connection to exchange files between two specified devices.
  • Reduced Installation Size: The size of the app has been reduced with further compression to increase the speed of sharing.
  • Interactive Management:  Interactive management of all files between various technological devices is made convenient and effective.
  • Create a Backup Copy: Xender allows all users to create a backup copy that they can view, move, or delete whenever required.
  • Friendly Design: The design of the application is striking and impressive that satisfies all functions of an application including installation, deleting, viewing, opening, and uninstalling.
  • No Trouble for Replacement: Users can conveniently switch all important data like contacts, pictures, images, video games, and messages from one device to another.

Benefits of Xender App

Founded by Peter Jiang in Beijing, Xender has introduced a new storm of transferring files that connects up to 4 technological devices using the core hotspot functionality of a mobile device. Here are some of the benefits of Xender app:

  • Simply built and easy support is the biggest advantage of Xender.
  • Anyone can easily handle and use the application to make file transferring successful.
  • The minimum occurrence of bug because the app is light in weight and takes less space.
  • Fast and verified speed of transferring files with the flawless method of processing
  • There are no limitations and restrictions on file sizes and file formats.
  • Easy to use even for new technology users because of its simplicity.

Disadvantages of Xender

Like all others that have two sides of a coin, Xender also has two different aspects. Apart from all the benefits, there are a few disadvantages of Xender as well:

  • Option to reject the transfer of files
  • A button to the source to allow any transfer of files

With all the features and benefits of Xender, it is evident that the app has come up with a permanent solution for the data usage concern. All over the world, people today are fighting the challenge of data usage for 3G and 4G users. However, Xender has given all a completely new platform to all users so that data space on a mobile phone can be saved and can be saved and conveniently all important files and data can be transferred to a computer and other storage devices free of USB cables, internet, memory sticks, and data usage.


Mohd Sohel Ather, software engineer by profession, writer and journalist by passion, Also a tech geek and app reporter for quality technology blogs like Streamium Cafe and news agencies. And loves to work on Guest posting, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing Strategies. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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