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Checklists before purchasing a second-hand MacBook

If you are a Windows to Mac shifter with a tight budget, then going for a refurbished Mac with a warranty may sound like the best option for you. It will not just help you switch to Mac but also save some money with a Mac in your hand. Here are some steps to take to ensure that the Mac you have bought will not crash the very next day.

Look out for the damages

Analyze the body of the used Mac for any damages visible physically. Check if all the screws are intact and the screen and case are in good condition. Lastly, check for the display hinges. If you find any damages, then you can use it for a further bargain.

Find out how old the MacBook is

If the owner claims that the Mac is in like-new condition, then it may be true! But it doesn’t mean it is brand new. It is important to know the age of the Mac and what iOS is installed in it. You can find out all about the age of the Mac from the serial number mentioned on the device.

Boot the Mac

It is important to ensure that the device you are buying starts and functions well. If macOS isn’t installed on the device, then boot the device. If the Mac doesn’t boot, then you shouldn’t go for the deal. 

Check its display

In order to check defective pixels on the screen, open images with single color background on the device. If any pixels are damaged, you may notice small spots on the screen.

Go for a keyboard test

You can check if the keyboard isn’t malfunctioning by the built-in Text Edit app. Look for all the functional keys and see if they are working perfectly.

Look for the ports

It is simple to check. All you need to do is connect an external drive to the USB port. Also, check the headphones. If working well, then go for it.

Check hard drive

It is important to check Mac’s hard drive health before buying it. Go through the status of your hard drive. If there is any message in red, then it means something is wrong with the disk.

Once you are fully satisfied with the present condition of the Mac, you can proceed further to make your purchase. However, if you want to avoid all this hassle and go for a smooth refurbished Mac purchase, then Tech.Trade is your one-stop solution. The online platform gives you the luxury to purchase refurbished devices here at the best price with a complete quality check.

Be it a refurbished MacBook, Refurbished MacBook Pro, or refurbished iMac, you can get the best deals available here. The complete detail of the MacBook is mentioned with quality check and warranty so that the buyer doesn’t have to face any hassle. You just need to make your purchase and you get a top-quality refurbished MacBook in your hands with no further issues to look out for.

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