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How AI & Smart Technologies can Prove Beneficial for our Pets

As modern technology is reshaping human life, the search is on to make it more effective for our pets as well. Whenever we talk about technology, we only tend to think it is only going to influence human life. Often we forget that it can be used to keep our pets happy, healthy and safe.

The companies involved in building smart technologies for animals and pets, are coming up with the new automated devices, apps and AI-enabled tools that can give you new ways to find, monitor and connect with your furry friends. These forward-thinking efforts aren’t only focused to offer pets a better life but also making the human and animal relationship strong and valuable. The recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning suggest they can play an instrumental part in refining the living standard of pets.

Smart Gadgets are Improving Life for Both the Pet & Pet Owners-

Whether it is a smart dog collar or AI-enabled feeder, different types of pet technologies have proven their effectiveness in improving life for both the pet owners and their furry friends. The benefits offered by the latest IoT gadgets for humans are the same for pets, which means a healthier and happy family.

AI Technology Helping Animal Rescue-

AI technology can make things simpler for animal rescuers. For example, these high-tech gadgets can help them smartly identifying sick animals by locating marks of pain in their faces. They will help them to better understand animals and detecting whether a dog is aggressive because of mental disorder or he is showing aggression out of fear and insecurity. Pet technologies such as handheld devices, apps, and high-speed Internet access are also making rehabilitation and pet adoption easier.

Smart Apps Make your Pet Well-Behaved-

According to the animal experts, while technology provides a good avenue to keep a check on the behavior of your pet, you also need to adopt using positive training methods to combat his anxiety once and for all. As a pet parent, you need to understand the types of smart gadgets your pet requires. Illogical and faulty use of modern technology will not bring any positive results for your pooch.

Try to buy pet techs according to the type of pet you have (dog, cat). Do keep in mind that a gadget that is useful for dogs may not give the same results for cats.

Notice the behavioral pattern of your pet and select the tech devices accordingly.

Make sure the smart pet tools you are using are not causing any harm to your furry friend.

Do not abruptly introduce your pet with any gadgets. Take basic preparations first and gradually acclimatize your pet with the new technology.

It is always a good idea to seek assistance from the vet or the trainer about the devices you are willing to introduce.

Top Smart Gadgets & Gizmos for Pets

Smart Collar

The improvised smart collars offer real-time GPS tracking on your smartphone and can easily fit onto the neck of your pet. The highly-advanced smart collars are also helping to keep track of their health as well. No more lost cat or dog worries. You can even get text and email alerts so you know right away when they’re off the grid.

Smart Pet Bed-

Enabled with the latest AI technology, smart pet beds can adjust according to the body temperature of the pet and keep their sleeping place warm and extra-cozy. It’s a bed and activity tracker that helps you make sure your pet is receiving the optimal level of comfort. Smart beds for pets are one of the finest gifts of the Machine Learning and AI Technology.

Dog and Cat Smart Doors-

With the smart door, make the entry and exit of your pet easy. The advanced pet doors can be programmed with the pet collar so that it only opens when your dog (wearing a special collar) approaches the door. In terms of security, automated pet doors are the most useful addition.

Automatic Ball Fetcher-

Exercise your dog without even lifting a finger with the automatic ball fetcher. This interactive dog toy will launch the balls automatically 8 to 30-foot range. This tool uses built-in sensors and safety features to continue the fun game of fetch.

Smart Feeders-

This handy device is capable of feeding not only dog and cats but also birds and hamster. Pet owners can easily manage feeding schedules and portion sizes with a few touches on their smartphones. You don’t need to worry about feeding your pet while you are away from home.

Final Thoughts

Our desire for animal companionship goes back to thousands of years and has played a valuable role in our evolution. Animals have a strong role as human companions and protectors. The human technological ingenuity can have a remarkable positive impact on pets. Modern life is more industrialized and urban, where we hardly get time to take good care of our pets. The latest inventions of smart interactive pet tools and technologies will play a significant part in fulfilling the gap.


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