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How is Technology Shaping the Future of Education

Technology is advancing at a fast-pace. Any discovery in this sector aids a gazillion other sectors to operate smoothly. Education is one of the many sectors benefitting by the modern use of technology.

As a student, I was completely dependant on my Optimum Internet Speed for research and work submission on time. Today we can do so much more with the help of technology especially in the field of education.

Online Lectures

Students get easy access to online lectures recorded by their respective instructors. This makes it easy for them to keep up with the class in case they are unable to attend on a particular day. This also allows students to re-watch the lectures recorded by their instructors in case they fail to understand anything.

This is of help for the students, especially during the exam days. Apart from that, it is also convenient for the instructors to deliver a lecture to the students in case they fail to show up for a certain lecture. So, online lectures benefit both students and instructors.

Education and AI

AI is introducing great changes to numerous amount of industries. Education is just one of them. The use of AI has made it convenient for institutions to carry out one-on-one tutoring at a large scale. To quote an example for you, the U.S. Navy is already employing the use of AI to tutor the basic level IT students.

The platform is no different from a human instructor operating. The AI-enabled tutors to track the progress of each student. And give them regular tests and exams just like human instructors do. The remarkable success rate of employing this technology is also evident in the results. According to the Navy, students who used the AI platform to educate themselves displayed huge strides in their education.

AI helps to differentiate one student from the rest thirty in a single classroom. Hence, enabling the instructors to develop individual learning modules. Teachers can now focus on throwing challenges according to each child’s nature. They can also identify the learning gaps, and work towards ways to bridge those gaps. The day is not far when machines will be able to read each student’s facial expression and detect what’s wrong with him.

More Responsible Students

Students can assume more responsibility in the classroom with the use of technology. Because instructors can now better read the behavior of every student. And can understand each student’s learning process. Hence, allowing the teachers to put students in groups that have likeminded students.

Teachers also agree that the availability of technology for students in the classroom helps them to learn better even at the individual level. Hence, making the assistance of teachers a mere formality in many instances.

Kids and Devices

Students are now equipped with their tablets or laptops in the classrooms. If all schools or colleges are not yet employing this rule, they soon will. This will change the dynamics of teaching altogether. Currently, the following are making waves in the education sector:

  • Google Chromebooks in certain classrooms. What makes them a good choice is a cheap cost. Apart from that, they are easy to manage and interchangeable. Chromebooks also provide access to various educational software introduced by Google.
  • Software programs like DreamBox, ST Math and Zearn enable students to understand and solve math problems fast.
  • The area of language arts is aided by programs including No Red Ink, Newsela and Achieve 3000. This aids students in understanding writing and reading easily.
  • Educators now have access to software like Quizlet that allows them to manage as well as test their classrooms with ease.

Although technology is changing the way that the education sector operates, the importance of teachers will always remain. The availability of gadgets and access to information on Google should not fool anyone into thinking that teachers are replaceable. Because the technology used in classrooms is only an incredible asset when paired with its use with well-planned programs and thoughtful educators.

As a teacher, I have started employing the use of technology to help my students better understand the concepts. Thanks to Optimum bundles it is quite easy for me to connect the students’ devices to the Internet at any given time. I would encourage all institutes and instructors to use technology in classrooms.

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