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How to choose the best gaming laptop?

We all need the best gaming laptop to play an end game with a maximum resolution. Some of us think that to upgrade our regular laptop for gaming is very easy to get the best gaming laptop in cheap. But it is quite impossible. 

You definitely buy the best gaming laptop instead of upgrading your regular one. If you are not a regular gamer and want to play games for just passing out the time or want to decrease your boredom level than upgrading your regular laptop is the best option.

But as a pro gamer, you have to spend some bucks to get a gaming laptop. First, you have to keep in mind, how much you can spend to buy it. Because as much as you spend the money, you will get a better and upgraded gaming laptop.

An average laptop for gaming is available around 300 dollars but if you have a budget in your pockets you can increase it to 1000 dollars.

So, now let’s start to discuss why you need the best gaming laptop.

As I told you, you cannot play high-quality games on your regular laptop. You must have a laptop with maximum specifications and parts like GPU to run it. 

Let’s discuss some of the important components that you will get in gaming laptops but not on a regular laptop.


It is good if your laptop or PC GPU’s memory is more than the CPU. Before GPUs, CPU could do that all. Now there are High definition images are used in all of the smart devices like phone, laptop, and PC. The only CPU cannot handle these images. So that’s why GPUs also known as Graphic accelerators are introduced. Your laptop must have enough memory of GPU is installed to play an end game. There are some Graphic processing units launched recently but maybe they are higher than your budget. So I will recommend you some of GPUs with minimum price and it will work perfectly. 


CPU is the brain of the laptop or PC. it controls and proceeds all the processes that cannot handle with the GPU. For example, the speed of the laptop very much depends on the Processor. But graphics depends on the memory of the GPU. The laptop you are choosing must be core i3 or above. Also, you have to check the brand of the processor installed on the gaming laptop.


The size of the screen is also an important factor for taking the maximum zest to play games on the laptop. Your display size must be 15 to 17 inches. When you are playing the game with that size of the screen and the good quality of graphics card is installed, you will have the best experience of your life. 


In all of the gaming laptop, I recommend that minimum 1TB is mandatory. Although if you do not have a budget then buy 500Gb hard disk. And remember, use the SSD version of the harddisk. It impacts on the speed of your system.


The minimum memory of the ram is required is 8Gb. To run any heavy software or game, it is necessary to install that size of Ram in your laptop. The combination of these three components (Ram, GPU, CPU) is must be equal.


The battery’s backup should be good. Your laptop’s battery should give you the backup of 6 hours. Mostly the value of the laptops down because of the short battery backup. 


These are some factors that I show you to choose the perfect gaming laptop. Also, tell you the reason why you need a laptop to play an end game. You can make your regular laptop to gaming but these both are never equal. There are some specific specs of the gaming system that I show you above. So choose carefully otherwise you may just throw your money.   


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