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Instagram Tools To Look At To Drive More Social Media Traffic

Instagram comes with a lot of useful features and tools that will help you not only to make the best of this platform but will also help you to make the best of social media, in terms of traffic, number of platforms and marketing efforts.

In order to turn your Instagram account into a revenue-generating machine, there are a few specific tools that you need to look at that will make your Instagram marketing efforts easy and more paying.

Test and experiment to find out the best tool to use for your marketing purpose depending on your target audience, the market, and your product or services. This will help you to:

  • Leverage the social media network to its fullest extent that is actually home to the most consumers and their attention.
  • Gain more Instagram followers.

The end results? You gain more traffic to your site and thereby increase the chances of converting them into your customers, raise your sales volumes and generate more business revenue eventually.

Here you go with the list of tools to use and make a better online impression in 2019.


The basic principle to follow in order to attract more followers on Instagram is to give before you receive it. However, you will need to make sure that you give exactly what is wanted by your users. This can be a very difficult, time taking and tedious task if you do it manually which is why you should use an automation tool like Social Captain.

  • This tool will help you to interact with other Instagram profiles without having to do everything manually.
  • This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to find and target the real users and match them with your target audience.
  • This tool will also help you in the process to configure it to like any content, follow the users and at the same time comment on the similar contents.

However, it is recommended that you do not rely on such automated tools only. Rather, you should use it in addition to doing manual interactions. This is because when you rely 100% on automation, there is a high chance that your approach may be viewed as spammy rather than authentic. Therefore, make sure that you leverage automation wisely and as and when required.


This is the most popular tool for scheduling for many businesses and there are several good reasons for it.

  • This is considered to be one of the most traditional, original, and effective social media scheduling and management tools.
  • It is compatible with most of the social networks available which means using this single tool you can manage your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts using its single useful dashboard.

The most important thing about this tool is that with its improved features it now lets you publish content directly to Instagram. This is something that you could not do in the past.

Instagram literally offers a huge opportunity to businesses but it will be unwise to put all of your eggs in one basket. If you use this tool, it will allow you to schedule content on Instagram as well as all other social media channels in advance. This will eventually ensure that you have your content all set to feature on every network in which you think your target audience sticks.


This is another scheduling and post-management tool that is much similar to Hootsuite. However, it is specially designed for Instagram. Therefore, if you only rely on or if the majority of your marketing efforts are based on the Instagram platform, then using this tool that comes with so many useful features will make it easy and more effective.

Therefore, it is worth checking out to post your content at a future date without requiring any confirmation later which is needed if you use Hootsuite.

Another useful feature of this tool is that it has the ability to add the first comment automatically to any of your posts. Assuming that you use hashtags in your posts you should include these in the caption. Most of the time it will dilute your message and it will also make your content look a much cleaner.


This is another multipurpose tool specially designed for Instagram. Well, you can also use it for Pinterest as well. This tool acts as:

  • A scheduler
  • An analytic tool
  • A user-generated content manager
  • A monitor for hashtags
  • A social listening tool and
  • An audience manager.

In addition to that, this tool is also built for team-based collaboration simply due to the reason that it has the capacity to manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. These are the specific reason that you should try this tool just as all the major brands do.

The most significant aspect of this tool is that it is also the official Instagram partner. This leaves no doubt as to whether or not this tool is safe to use.


You will need to pay close attention to different analytical data if you want to succeed on Instagram. This tool will help you with this process.

  • This tool is easy to use
  • It will help you track your progress
  • You can analyze your performance accurately
  • It will help you to know when you need to refine your content and why
  • You can even expand your Instagram following and traffic to your site and
  • It will help you to develop more effective social media campaigns to ensure more success for your marketing efforts.

The most important thing about this tool is that with its built-in color tracking feature, it will allow you to organize the results based on the colors used in your content. You will also be able to discover those color schemes that will be able to drive the most engagement from your users. Well, there are several other tools that you can use to increase engagement on Instagram but these are the most common and popular ones because all of it works.

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