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Smart Home Security Camera Technology To Look Out

Smart home technology is the in thing, and most people are embracing it slowly. Homes get filled with various connected technological devices, which include smart security cameras.

It’s now easy to set up your smart security technology and monitor your home on your smartphone when you are away. Are you enthusiastic about home security systems but don’t want to install a complete smart home security tech? Search no further! There’re plenty of low-cost ways to keep a close eye on your home. Here’re easy ways to get the most out of your outdoor security camera technology.

Never hide your camera 

Not unless you have a specific activity you would like to catch someone in the act doing- such as a person breaking into your vehicle – it would be best if you didn’t hide your outdoor security camera. 

Most home intruders tend to consider the security camera presence when choosing a home target to avoid. They often select homes where they are least likely to get caught. A visible outdoor security camera is extra protection to your home as burglars would shy away from it.

Outdoor security camera protects more than your home 

It would help a lot if you picked the right spot for your home security camera. To choose the ideal place, you must put into consideration your home’s layout. You would realize that there’re vital locations that are more crucial as compared to others.

The front door is where most traffic happens, from home deliveries to visitors. You ought to cover your home’s entryway with a video doorbell to assist you in monitoring any intruder. You can also have the chance to spot mundane activities. One would be in a position to see if their packages get handles correctly each time.

Don’t forget to cover less apparent areas within your home. The backdoor is a monotonous entry point for intruders on most occasions. It’s easy to forget to lock the backdoor.

Also, choose to place a camera near the ground floor windows on your home’s rear. It’s a location that presents an enticing option for home invaders. You ought to up your game when it comes to your home security. Always consider setting up the camera is vulnerable spots.

Set up the motion sensors 

There’re times where one may lack time to monitor the camera 24/7. Neither is it possible to watch long hours of home footage. To curb this problem, you ought to have a camera that has motion detection. 

There’re smart cameras that’ll enable you to set specific spaces in the camera’s field of view. Thus, it’ll detect any motion within the radius. Therefore, you would be in a position to get an alert whenever something comes to your door.

There’re smart home security camera technologies that need a subscription to acquire some of their advanced and sophisticated features. You ought to carry out a detailed comparison when checking out various cameras, including Nest vs Arlo.

It would be best if you considered the type of activities you would want to keep an eye on each time. It’ll enable you to activate the right features on your smart camera tech once you connect it. 

Power source 

Smart outdoor security camera tech requires a power source. Do you want a battery-powered outdoor camera? Or one that gets connected to the nearby power outlet? 

You ought to be careful when purchasing a security camera. It would help if you chose an outdoor Wi-Fi security camera that connects to 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio band. It’ll alleviate network congestion. However, if you are experiencing challenges of achieving a proper signal outside, you can try getting a wireless range extender.

Secure your account 

The main idea behind using a smart outdoor security camera technology is to ensure that your home is safe. Nonetheless, if you fail to secure your account correctly, it’ll be all for not. In the wake of advanced technologies, anyone can hack into your system, thus leaving your home vulnerable.

Ensure you have a strong password and don’t rely on the default password only. Also, select a camera that has 2-factor authentication technology. Don’t stop there, and you can also ensure your router is heavily secured using a WPA2 encryption

A smart home security camera offers so many benefits that you could fathom. When you are out shopping for the best tech, take a chance to compare various cameras, including Nest vs Arlo. These technologies will make your life easier once you set them up. 

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