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The Top Digital Camcorders to buy in 2019

For a long time, camcorders have been the preferred device for recording personal videos. And for good reason, nothing else was so good for the job. But here is the technology has never stopped improving and camcorders today no longer have the monopoly on video.

Everything will depend on your use and your level. For example, a person who wants to make videos occasionally will not necessarily need a high-end, high-end camcorder. 

Conversely, a video enthusiast will certainly want a minimum of performance, and entry-level models will not suit him. Whether you are an experienced videographer or amateur, you will find on this site all the information you need to find the camcorder that fits your needs and your budget.

Maybe a painting does not speak to everyone! For this reason, we have created a more detailed summary of our 3 favorite camcorders. We choose to name a product in each category namely: better product, better value for money, and better entry-level. Thus, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

The top brands of digital camcorder:

Many brands of camcorders are present on the market which is also available on thegadgetspro. We were very surprised to see all the new brands blooming in recent years. However, you need to be much careful. Many of them offer camcorders at a very attractive price as is the case of the Besteker FHD 1080p! Performance is very limited, and for us, it’s clearly not a good choice.

Sony FDR-AX33; The best value camcorder

 The Sony FDR-AX33 digital camcorder is the predecessor model of the Sony FDR-AX53. It is similar to many points. The stabilizer and the sensor are the same. But it is obvious that these functions are less advanced. The lens and zooms are much less efficient. However, they remain of satisfactory quality. Finally, this 4K camcorder is also connected, which is a big plus. Again, few midrange camcorders offer equivalent features. It is for this reason that it is, without hesitation, the best quality/price ratio on the current market. It is very easy to use and its price remains affordable while offering advanced performance. 

GoPro Hero5 Session; The best value for money

If the GoPro Hero6 Black does not fit in your budget, do not shoot the GoPro brand! Offering a more affordable price and consistently good performance, the GoPro Hero5 Session might be right for you. There is still a definition of 4K image, this time a little less fluid since the recording speed is only 30 fps. But to be honest, that is already enough. In addition, it is also waterproof to 10 meters without a box. This is a plus since the sound quality is much better as well – no clutter. But it is especially in terms of its design that this GoPro is interesting. In the shape of a small cube, it is the lightest and most compact action camera. And good news! She is super simple to use. It is therefore without a doubt the best quality/price ratio that we can find. To learn more about this camera.

Sony HDR-AS50; The best entry-level action camera:

And if in the end, you really looking for a cheap action camera that holds the road, we can only advise the Sony HDR-AS50. This model may not offer a video performance 4K but we can say that it is still well equipped! CMOS sensor Exmor R 1 / 2.3, Zeiss wide-angle lens, SteadyShot stabilization, it actually offers features quite similar to conventional camcorders. Except that everything is in an even more compact format. If you’re new to your action camera, it’s a great choice for 1080p camera. Especially since it has some flaws, they are not that serious. 

The advantages of using a digital camcorder

Why buy a digital camcorder when a lot of cameras and smartphones are able to shoot in Full HD or 4K? Well, the answer is quite simple: nothing is better than a camcorder in terms of video quality. You may have an equivalent resolution; the rest does not follow, especially for smartphones that have 100% digital optics. Digital cameras may still be suitable.

However, the camcorder is more advanced in terms of settings and ergonomics. It has been designed to be comfortable during long recordings. In addition, it sets up more suitable functions: stabilization, more recording formats, more recording speed or multiple microphone channels. The advantages of camcorders are therefore multiple, and anyone who knows a minimum video will advocate this type of device.

The different types of camcorders

Several types of camcorders are present on the market. Here are the most common categories but especially the most interesting for you. As of today, there are almost no more compact digital camcorders. Small and light, they easily hold in your hand and do not weigh more than a kilo. This is a great advantage compared to conventional camcorders that clutter us more than anything else when you’re not professional.

Although their cameras are small, the compact camcorder still offers a minimum of performance: optical zoom, high resolution, wide-angle lens, high sensitivity sensor or even stabilizer. For more information Click here!


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