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These Android And iOS Apps Helpful for Refreshing Home

Technology has made everything easier and simpler than ever. Whether it’s doing the daily work or refreshing your home, you can make use of technology in the form of smartphone apps. There are many apps for home refreshments and renovation that you can use for a makeover of your house.

Apps help you plan the space, new elements, colors and check the 3D views of your interiors. Whether you have an Android or iOS phone, there are apps for home refreshment. Let us check some cool apps that you can use in your home refreshment project.


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Houzz is known as the mother of all interior design apps. Its database consists of over 14 million images of designs and styles of rooms and locations. Users can browse and save their favorite design into an idea book that stores their ideas and offer new ideas. The app has a sketch function which you can use to annotate and draw on your images. Moreover, the Houzz app offers you millions of products to shop for your home design anytime. The app is free for both Android and iOS devices.

Home Design 3D Gold

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The Home Design 3D Gold is an app for both interior and exterior designing of a house. The app is quite easy to use as it offers simple drag and drop features for users. It offers you to import the floor plans and edit the space itself. You can raise ceilings, remove entire walls, and visualize new openings in any area of a house. It also allows users to add furniture and amenities to their home design. You can work in 2D as well as 3D and share the designs with professionals for real-time modifications. The app is paid and available for iOS devices.

Homestyler interior design

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The homestyler is an interior designing app that offers you to try different looks and styles for your space. Users can try various looks in an area by superimposing real items and products for their interiors. You can try different 3D models of furniture and fixtures in your rooms as well as other areas. The app also allows you to browse the profiles and portfolios of many home design professionals in your area to ask queries and make connections. The app is free for Android and iOS users.


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If you want to know that whether a piece of furniture of a focal element will suit your living room or not, the Hutch app is the simplest way to figure out such queries without the risk of remorse. Hutch is an augmented reality app that enables you to take pictures of your space and place the furniture, décor, and art pieces. Hutch also offers some items that you can purchase while using the app.

Magic Plan

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If you want an app to make the measurements easy and draw the floor plans conveniently, nothing is better than Magic Plan. It can help you calculate distances within an area of your house by analyzing a snapshot you take with the app. You can annotate the pictures of your interior with the height of your ceiling or the breadth of your hallway. With the magic plan app, you won’t get stuck again with a furniture item that doesn’t fit through your doors. The Magic plan app is available free for iOS as well as android users.

Color Snap

Android apps

Color combinations in the rooms and interior areas of a home are important to create a visual appeal. The color snap app can snap the color from a picture taken by your smartphone and to tell you the best match for a wall, ceiling, floor, or window. It contains a library of over 1500 shades from where you can use colors to create virtual sample rooms. You can preview the rooms with colors in daytime and night and determine the amount of paint you need to cover a room or the entire space. The color snap app is free for both iOS and Android users.

Final Words

These are some apps that homeowners can use for home refreshment and designing projects. These are the best app that home design professionals like house painters Arncliffe use for their projects. You can install these apps on your smartphone and create a complete home refreshment plan to check what works best before using them in your house.

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