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Top 10 Best iPhone apps for teachers

As nowadays Apple’s iPhones are rocking therefore, I am going to share some great apps that you as a teacher can use. They are also good for students and teachers because the content and functions of these apps are great for organizing and arranging lessons. They also work as great inspiration for the content of lessons. Here are the Ten Best iPhone apps for teachers.

1. PBS

This is the same TV station that created Sesame Street and is commonly known for informative TV shows. It is up to you if you think anything on there is useful for students. They do tend to have a lot of student-friendly content that you could mold and shape to fit your current curriculum. Plus, there are things for students of all ages, so it may turn in to one of your best teaching inspiration apps.

2. BrainPOP Featured Movie

This is an app that can be used by students; though you can hook it up to a projector or monitor and have your students work as a team to answer the questions. It is full of quizzes, games and movies that help students to learn. Or, you could have the children use the app on the devices that you hand around if you wish.

3. Early Jamestown

This is more of a one-off app that you can use each year to show your new students what life was like in Jamestown in the early days when settlers where there. It is only a one-off app because it is hardly likely to be a recurring theme every year. Still, every time you get new students you may use the app to show them what life was really like. It is a fun little app and great for if you have such history that needs to be taught on your curriculum.

4. Wolfram Alpha

This is an app that may help you teach science or math. It is also handy for students too. It helps you to organize your searches for more specific math and science problems. It is more efficient than Google when it comes to this sort of thing, and it is great for finding math and science problems that phrase and word things differently so that different students may understand it.

Best iphone apps

5. ITunesU

This is a little like the TED app that is also on here. It gives you access to lectures, except that these are university lectures and are not TED lectures. They are quite good because they come from the top universities and there is a lot of instructional material. Even if you do not show your students the videos themselves then you may still use their ideas and lectures to structure your own lessons and classes.

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6. Class Pro

This is an education management app that students and teachers are able to use. It gives you real-time access to the app that allows you to organize your time and your day with the students. It gives access to users on an official district account. It is handy if you are a teacher who has a lot of classes, or if you are not particularly good when it comes to organizing your time or your classes.

7. TED

This is where you get to hear speeches from people that are supposed to be experts. Just how useful this is to anyone is really a matter of who speaks. For example, the JJ Abrams speech was useless, but they do often have people on the stage who are quite good, and you can gain access to what they say via this app and the videos within.

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8. NPR

This helps teachers by giving them the latest news stories, and there are always education-related news stories on it, plus there are a lot of things that can be used as topics for discussion. You can discuss if America should admit the Armenian thing was genocide, or figure out if relations with Turkey are more important. There are plenty of things on the app that may spark conversation in the class.

9. Khan Academy

There are over 3500 videos on this app that are all lectures about different academic disciplines. They are good for you as a teacher because you can structure your classes based on them, or you can use them as inspiration for how you are going to teach your students or inspiration for the content of your classes. They are also good for the students if they read the content.

10. Edublogs

This is an app that is focused on blogs. It works by allowing you to take advantage of education-based blogs. The app is secure, which is a bonus, but you do not really have to put many details into it. The basic premise is that you are able to look up blogs that may help you teach your lesson or may help you explain things in a way that a student would understand.


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