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Top 8 Upcoming Phones To Look out for in 2020

Over the years, smartphones have transformed into completely different devices to what they were before. Initially, when the smartphones were launched or introduced into the world, they used to be these big and thick communication devices that only a handpicked of the people had. With the passage of time, the phones transformed into mini devices and there were very small phones available in the market.

However, now bigger screens have been taking all over the world. You can see the top brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo or even Oppo are launching phones with great screen technology. In fact, the recent phone of Oppo is well equipped with all the features that a 2019 phone should have. It is also expected that the Oppo a5 2020 price in Pakistan will also remain the same. Hence, one can always check this mid-range, yet amazing phone anytime.

Fast-forwarding to 2020, there are a lot of speculations that have been making rounds about the new and innovative technology we will notice in smartphones. The year 2019 has been the one where 5G and artificial intelligence was introduced to us whereas experts are calling 2020 to be a revolutionary year for smartphones. With so much competition all around, the brands have been working very hard to bring something very unique in their smartphones. In fact, every brand has something very different planned for 2020 and there are a lot of rumors in the consumer market. Meanwhile, we have comprised a list of phones that you need to watch out in 2020.

iPhone X Fold

iPhone is surely one of the smartphones that create a stir in the marketplace, all year round. Even with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, there were lots of speculations going around before its official launch, where the design of the phone was the main highlight. Anyway, it is expected that the iPhone would also be getting in the folding phone business, and it will launch its first folding phone in 2020. The phone is expected to be more than 2x times more expensive than the regular iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Recently, there were some leaked patent images of the Galaxy S11 that showed the phone to have a completely bezel-less display in 2020. The screen also has the functionality of extendibility and it can become into a more gigantic screen. However, nothing is confirmed yet. Many times companies also release patents just so that they could use that design in the future. Samsung can use the former camera sensor feature in the S11 too that can capture 64MP images at resolution of 0.8μm.

Xiaomi Mi Flex

A smartphone by Xiaomi that would be the brand’s entry into foldable phones. the Mi Flex will have not just one, but double screens. A big screen will be at the front, and the secondary screen will be at the op back. The smartphone will have a triple camera system, with a pop-up selfie camera. The phone will also feature a hidden earpiece.

Nokia 10

It can be said that the Nokia 10 is the most anticipated phone of the brand. It will be another chance for the company to revive itself in the marketplace. The phone will be featuring 5G technology along with wide lens dual camera. The display of the phone will be anywhere around 6 inches to 6.5 inches.

iPhone XII

Apple will be launching its iPhone XII in 2020 that will have an OLED screen. The new phone will be equipped with 5G and Apple has been working on making its chipsets even more powerful with the integration of artificial intelligence. However, nothing can be confirmed until the initial launch of the phone.

Moto Razr V4

Moto Razr was launched back in 2004 and it has become the most popular phone with great sales until this date. The phone was amazingly popular among consumers of all ages. And now it will be relaunched in 2020 with some great specs and features. The new Moto Razr will be sold at a much higher price, and it is predicted that it will be even expansive than iPhone. It will be a foldable phone with an OLED display.

Xiaomi 10

The flagship phone of Xiaomi Mi 9 was launched earlier this year, and now it is expected that the brand will launch its successor Mi 10 in 2020. The smartphone will come with some design enhancements with the OLED screen. It is being rumored currently that it will be the first phone of the company that will have a four-rear camera system in it. The smartphone is expected to launch in the mid of 2020, at a reasonable price range.

OnePlus 8

The company has been launching its phones every year, since the initial launch of the OnePlus 1. The OnePlus 8 will come in two versions and would have improved battery life. The screen of the phone will be much bigger compared to the former devices. We will also be able to see some camera enhancements done on the smartphone, as the previous models didn’t have any great luck in their camera features. An HDR technology is also expected in the new smartphone.

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