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Turbo VPN – The Best And Most Popular VPN Proxy Client

Turbo VPN is the latest buzzword in software technology to take the whole virtual world by storm. Available free of cost, this does not require any subscription but only works with iOS and Android. However, the presence of Android emulators has made it possible to download this exiting software onto the PC.

What is Turbo VPN

Technically Turbo VPN offers its users access to as many as 9 different servers situated across Asia, Europe, and North America. Consequently, users face no limitations in bandwidth and are able to use it as and when required. The anonymity offered by this application when browsing the internet is probably its strongest advantage; something that makes it immensely popular today. Of course, it also comes replete with a host of security measures which ensures that it is safe to install and use like:

  • No personal data is gathered about the user
  • Websites or IP addresses visited are not stored on the server,
  • Any data collected during a session automatically gets wiped out when one logs out of Turbo VPN etc.

There are two different types of memberships available currently which are:

  • The free membership which includes the use of unlimited bandwidth with access to Netflix USA with the help of a minimum of 9 servers and
  • The VIP membership which, in addition to having all the features of free membership, also provides the users:
  • More proxy servers for use,
    • Higher server speed,
    • Ability to connect to 5 devices simultaneously and
    • A monthly as well as an annual payment plan.

Installing Turbo VPN on PC

With Windows being the most common and popular OS available on the PC today, the emulator chosen has to sync in both with the Android Emulator and the OS of the PC. Further below, the article describes how to install turbo VPN on PC. Some Android emulators which are best suited for the download and installation of this wonderful application on the PC are:

Using Bluestacks: This Android emulator has a host of useful features that make it the best. It not only has a great engine and excellent processing speed, but this app also enables the user to fully utilize any application downloaded. However, in order to use the same to download Turbo VPN, it needs to be downloaded and installed on the PC first. Once installed, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Bluestacks needs to be launched and by providing the Google ID, one needs to login to the app.
  • Turbo VPN now needs to be typed in the search bar dialog box present and then Enter the need to be pressed.
  • After the appropriate app is selected from the displayed search results, one needs to expand it.
  • Clicking on the Install tab present on the screen will start the download and installation of the Turbo VPN.

On completion of the installation, it needs to be launched from within the Bluestacks app. The Turbo VPN can also be turned off or turned on instantly and its settings can also be personalized. In fact, even multiple applications can be run from within Bluestacks without putting much load on the PC.

NOX: This is another Android Emulator which uses a minimalistic approach but also provides for all the essential features that are required for running the Turbo VPN app from within it. This low processing emulator is, in fact, perfect for running Turbo VPN after it has been downloaded and installed onto the PC for free. After this the following steps need to be followed:

  • The sign-in page that pops up needs to be filled using the user’s Google ID.
  • After the login is complete, the user needs to proceed to the google play store and search for Turbo VPN.
  • The appropriate app needs to be chosen from the displayed search results and expanded.
  • After the app needs to be downloaded, the whole process gets completed only with the automatic installation of the Turbo VPN software.

The app then needs to be launched from within the NOX emulator and the user can subsequently use all its features for free.

MEmu emulator: It too has a very strong engine which makes it work efficiently as an Android emulator. The steps are essentially the same with this free software being downloaded, installed and launched first. After the sign in using the Google ID, navigate to the Play store enables the user to search for Turbo VPN in the search bar. After selecting the appropriate app, it needs to be expanded and the download process started. It gets auto-installed and can thus be launched from within the MEmu emulator.

Advantages of using Turbo VPN

There are several advantages to downloading and using Turbo VPN like:

  • It offers the best security measures as mentioned above,
  • As yet even with 50million download already having taken place and more being done, there have been no DNS or WebRTC leaks reported,
  • While Netflix remains unavailable with the most VPN server, it can be easily accessed using the Turbo VPN,
  • It offers great speed and is faster than most VPN servers,
  • It also offers access to a minimum of 9 proxy servers which is, by itself a pretty daunting feature,
  • It helps unblock websites which would otherwise have not been available for watching and viewing,
  • Designed originally for use in Smart Phones using the Android or iOS platforms, today it is also being used in PCs with the help of Android emulators which makes it somewhat universal in its application and use, etc.

In fact, it can be said without a doubt that the Turbo VPN is one of the best VPN servers available today primarily because of its security measures which enable users to download and use the same without worrying about data theft, breach of privacy, etc. It even secures the user’s network in Wi-Fi and also does not take up much space on the hard disk of the PC. It is also portable and hence can be used from anywhere at any time.


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