Why You Should a Hire a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the best way to increase online sales. To fully understand the importance of choosing the right conversion rate optimization consultant, you first need to understand what CRO is and what it does for your business. 

What is CRO?

Despite the automatic assumption that CRO is about optimizing your conversion rates, it’s actually about building a stronger connection with your client base. CRO communicates your value as a business to your clients. Without a properly optimized website, your clients may misunderstand your service and your value. This leaves sales on the table and costs you potential profits. 

Sometimes being too close means we don’t see potential problems. This is especially true with our own websites; we worked hard on them, it represents a lot for us, but this leaves room for improvement. A conversion rate optimization consultant has an outside perspective and is able to view your website from a customer’s point of view. 

Why you need a CRO Consultant

By using a professional your website will be specifically targeted to your customer group, and this will result in more sales than you thought possible. CRO is the answer to the problem you didn’t know you had, and a conversion rate optimization consultant is the best way to fix it. 

Specialized field

Although there’s many tutorials on how to optimize your website by yourself there is a lot more that goes into it then a few simple steps. Every website needs to be treated differently because the products are unique, customer base is unique, and what works with one website may not work with another. 

CRO consultants use design and copywriting to improve your website all with the focus of higher conversion rates. This helps you generate the maximum profit possible. 

User Psychology

Effective CRO takes into account user psychology. This means you need to know what questions to ask and how to find the answers. Conversion rate optimization consultants know the right questions to fully understand who your users are, what builds trust with them, why they like your site, or why don’t they like your site. All of these questions and more affect how many of your customers will purchase from you. 

This goes beyond a basic level understanding of your consumer demographic. This identifies what your customer base finds important, and what will make them buy from you. This information in and of itself is one of the most valuable pieces of good CRO. 


After thoroughly examining who your users are your conversion rate optimization consultant will have multiple solutions to choose from. Ensuring they have the best solution possible requires extensive testing. This needs to be done in a real-world scenario and requires the ability to evaluate the results while still considering the variables that affect them. 

Strategy Planning

Using the results from testing, and other analytics that they have gathered, your conversion rate optimization consultant will build you a highly optimized website and a detailed conversion strategy. Without a conversion strategy the long-term effects won’t be as impressive. These strategies are specifically designed with your business in mind. Conversion rate optimization consultants know that it’s more than just generating traffic, it’s driving sales and keeping your customers coming back. 


To get the most out of your conversion rate optimization consultant you need to get feedback on your website. These experts should provide guidance and support to you throughout the process and help you maintain the optimization your business needs. As your business grows and changes CRO needs to change with it to keep your business soaring. 


The objectivity that conversion rate optimization consultants bring is invaluable. Business owners will always be biased in how they view their business; this means you may miss things that a consultant will catch. They will view your website through the lens of a consumer and are therefore able to make the improvements necessary to reach them. 

How to Choose a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

It’s easy for anyone to claim that they are a conversion rate optimization expert, but many of these people lack the necessary experience to take your business to the next level. So, that leaves you with the question “who is the best choice?” There are several things to consider when choosing a conversion rate optimization consultant.


One of the best things to look for is someone with experience. Conversion rate optimization consultants who have been around awhile will have examples and testimonials from happy clients that show their true value. 

Solid Process 

Conversion rate optimization consultants that have been around for a while have a specific way that they go about creating your optimized website. Ask them about their process and make sure that they have one. If they’re not able to clearly explain to you what they’re going to be doing, how, and when, you may be dealing with an amateur. 

Excellent Communication 

Communication is important, especially when your business and profit is at stake. Make sure that you have a good communication with your consultant from the beginning. The last thing you want is to have communication difficulties or lack of communication once the project is underway. 


Evaluate their website. This is likely work they have done themselves, so make sure that you’re happy with how their website turned out, how it functions, and the overall appeal. Everyone has different styles so make sure that yours matches up. 

If you want to give your business the best chance to be successful a conversion rate optimization consultant is necessary. This is a complicated process that requires experience to do properly. So, choosing the right expert can be the difference between average sales and exceptional sales.


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