How to hire best business lawyers in India

Looking at the current state of the world, it would not be a wonder if people get into legal trouble for just making a statement or making one wrong move in business. The times have come to this that the wrong lawyer can get you into more trouble than a wrong business partner. This makes picking out the right business lawyer even more crucial. It is as easy to find a lawyer as it is tough to find a good lawyer. Although they are rare, here are 7 tips on how to hire the best business lawyers in India:

1.Reputation matters

The name of a lawyer matters a lot especially when it comes to business deals. One thing that all the top lawyers in India have in common is a stellar reputation. The aura of a lot of business lawyers is such that the opposition cannot try to pin them down in a legal matter or a business deal that works as an advantage to you. The reputation of a lawyer indicates whether or not it would be right to hire that person. A compromise in the image of a business lawyer may have negative impacts on the clients he or she is representing.

2. Experience in the field

You would not expect a heart surgeon to be just as perfect as a brain surgeon while operating on the brain. The same goes for lawyers. While the number of years of working in law matters to understand the experience of a lawyer, it is more important to focus on the relevant field. Business lawyers in India are often also working on cases of different areas. So, before hiring a lawyer, a specific study of that person’s experience needs to be done in the frame of business law and regulations.

3. Case history

You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to find out how the past cases of a lawyer have panned out. They are easily available on the internet as well as on personal investigation into the past cases of a lawyer. The top lawyers in India do not hesitate to disclose their past case records because they speak highly of their tradecraft. Again, it needs to be made sure that the cases should relate to business law so that the efficiency of the lawyer in business can be assessed properly. They provide a clear picture of how effective a lawyer is.

4. Communication skills

You cannot have a strong case without disclosing the true details of a business deal. The lawyer needs to know all the details and nuances of the business or legal matter to be prepared for what is coming his or her way. It also works the other way around. Just like you need to have open communication with your lawyer, they need to have good communication skills to educate and inform the clients. The first meeting with the lawyer sets a nice tone for how communication is going to be like.

5. No fake promises and hopes

It need not be told that there are a lot of lawyers who make mountains full of promises. A good lawyer knows there are no guarantees when it comes to a business deal or in the courtroom. The most that can be done is the best that a lawyer can. Unrealistic promises should not be made or believed. No matter how bad the scenario is, nothing more than the realistic outcome should be conveyed to the clients. So do not fall into the trap of sweet but fake hopes and promises from a business lawyer.

6. Transparent payment structure

This is a very important criterion because money is always a constraint in a business. It is also prudent to discuss all the details of the payment structure with the lawyer before hiring them. Contingency fees are something that needs to be discussed with the lawyers and if it is needed. Business lawyers in India also provide the facility of installment payment and selective payment plans. This is the burden of legal fees on the business and makes it easier to have funds readily available for daily operations. Money matters need to be clear on both sides before the final hiring takes place.

7. Availability of the lawyer

The chances of a business lawyer handling only one client is pretty low. Usually, they take in multiple cases at a time and keep working on them simultaneously. You cannot stop a lawyer from taking cases but you can definitely make sure that the lawyer you are about to hire is not overloaded with other cases. Business affairs require immediate legal attention at times and for that, the lawyer needs to be able to devote enough time. So make sure your lawyer gives enough time to your case and caters to your business needs on time.

These are some of the best tips and tricks on how to hire the best business lawyers. If you keep all of these pointers in mind, you are sure to run a successful business with full legal protection.

This article is written by Amy Johnes- A legal expert at Ahlawat & Associates – Best law firm for hire Corporate Lawyers in India.


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