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Huawei P30 Pro… The DSLR of smartphones!

Launched on 26th March 2019 in Paris; this phone packs in all that is necessary, not only in a great smartphone but also everything else that is required, to capture videos and pictures perfectly. A picture-perfect phone that has the added ability to zoom into objects precisely and accurately.

Pretty sure, we’ve got you hyped up and by now, you must be dying to know what else this phone has in store for you. So, this is exactly what we are going to find out. Let’s get going!

A world in your hands

The Leica triple camera of Huawei P30 Pro beautifully captures everything you set your eyes on. Captivate your vision via its lens as well as the Earth’s beauty. No matter where you go, your gallery will gather the world right in your palms.

Feel the night

The Super Spectrum sensor has super abilities. Utilizing this feature gives you the power to easily capture and save pictures as well as videos in the dark. And, this does not just include a mediocre blackout, no matter how dark it is, the camera can see what the eye cannot.

Wide? No, ultra-wide!

Not only is the lens of the camera designed to give a wide-angle, but it has also been designed to give the widest angle possible. Now, you can gather every mesmerizing thing you lay your eyes on, in just one beautiful shot. Not only what you capture flaunts great detail, but it also allows you to save a big chunk of memories. T

A juicy battery

The 3650mAH battery has a supercharge capability of 22.5W. This allows the phone to charge up super-fast, almost a whopping 60% in half an hour. You never have to worry about your phone switching off due to drainage, and even if it does, supercharge will dive in for the save!

Privacy at your fingertips

Definitely, a feature that makes the data on your phone even more safe and secure. In-screen fingerprint prevents anyone else from getting access to your phone. Moreover, it makes unlocking the phone super-easy and quick.

Count your macros

With a macro lens built into the phone, there is no end to what you can capture. Zoom in to anything to capture immense detail and intricacy. Capture everything that is beautiful, everything that the naked eye fails to see. Realize the beauty of the world and spark your curiosity. With macro shots, life is a little more exciting and a little more fun!

Sky-lover’s galore

Everything about the Huawei P30 Pro is simply perfect, and this includes its gorgeous body and mix of colors. The body has been specially designed to mix a little rainbow into your life. It combines the beautiful colors of the sky and space; perfectly blends together rosy dawn, mid-day sky, Aurora and the darkness of the sky. You carry the sky with you, wherever you go!

The moon, right outside your window

Along with a 40 mega-pixel, back camera, 10x hybrid zoom, and OIS stability, the periscope telephoto lens is capable of capturing everything extremely up-close. It is as if, the moon is right outside your window! And, all of this is perfectly grabbed without the loss of color, detail or beauty. Superb image quality and resolution are what you get, each time you make use of the feature.

Turn that backlight on!

The AI HDR+ feature of the phone is definitely creative. AI runs to filter out and enhance different parts of your photograph as per required. This, in turn, produces an image that is beautifully balanced and one that puts immediate emphasis on your face and body. A perfect balance of light and color results in photos that are masterpieces on their own.

The front to your rear

If you are wondering whether the back camera is going to take away all the praise, then you are wrong! A 32-megapixel front camera is a delight for those who love taking selfies. An ethereal blend of sharpness, detail, color, and intricacy will give you selfies, no one is ever going to forget!

Not one, but two!

The Huawei P30 Pro does not only have one but two rear cameras. They work together to enable the dual-view video which is perfect for capturing a memory but from every perspective possible.

In conclusion, the Huawei P30 Pro with its gorgeous curved body is a sight to behold. Plus, all the features packed into this phone cannot be simply overlooked. Definitely, a treat for the eyes and a treat for the soul!


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