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Given the trendiness of everything being online, from clothes to even houses, it is not foreign to consider the vehicle business making its online mark too. Mobile app development in Dubai has led to groundbreaking advances in this sector. Apps like Car switch have made their way into people’s daily lives and have benefitted millions. An app like this is in high demand and coming up with one like it can allow you to make good money. Here’s what you need for an app like Car switch and how much it can cost you:

Get familiar with the market and how it works for mobile app development Dubai:

The sales of brand-new cars have declined considerably in the past few years. On the other hand, the market for used cars has been on the rise and is still growing. To create an app like Car switch you will have to get familiar with the market. The area where your app will concentrate and also the density of buyers who prefer this mode of sale and purchase.

The basic features you will need for mobile app development in Dubai:

A login/signup option – this will allow users to become a member of your application and post advertisements.

Adding cars – this feature will allow your audience to post adverts and quote a price for their cars.

Filters – this feature will enable your audience to make their search based on their preferences for the car they are searching for that can include area, color, mileage, make a year, and registration city.

Car information – over here the audience on your app can easily view car specifications and also the ratings and reviews for it.

Contact information: a basic feature in mobile app development Dubai is the contact feature. Your audience should clearly be able to see the contact provided.

Development and design:

For the best mobile app development Dubai, the making and design are extremely vital to attract the widest audience. The user interface will have to be interactive and the technical aspects will have to be user friendly in order to be usable and accessible for all kinds of audiences. These DBX apps will provide you with the best team and effort for your mobile app development Dubai. The UI and UX design work will be unparalleled and it will make sure your app redefines the market.

The total cost:

The total end to end cost that you will incur for an app like car switch will range from $25000 to $30000. Further, it depends on the features and complexity of the design and mobile app development Dubai.

So, what better place to go to than DBX apps. We will provide you with the best professional services in the market while making sure your app looks and works in the best way possible. Our professional experts will make sure your requirements are fulfilled exceptionally. Contact us or visit our website for more information!


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