Top Packaging Trends to Watch in 2020

Every year, we get to see some interesting and unique packaging trends. Thanks to consumers, whose ever-changing behavior needs to push the packaging experts to come up with something new. The years 2020 isn’t going to be an exception. We expect to see some intriguing and novel packaging designs come to fruition. From personalized packaging to eco-friendly solutions and beyond, the future looks brighter for the packaging industry that is likely to touch $50 billion mark in 2022.    

This means 2020 will be a tremendous year for the packaging industry. With designers looking to push the edge of the envelope, packaging experts will strive to infuse form, function, and aesthetics seamlessly. Consumers will see exhilarating illustrations, colors, forms and other exciting elements come together in unusual product packages that will help brands rise above the noise. 

The forthcoming year is likely to surprise you with distinctive and ground-breaking packaging trends. And if you want to achieve business success, it’s imperative for you to understand these trends and figure out ways to bring them to life. In this post, we will share the top packaging trends to watch in 2020, so you can brood over the dynamics of each. 

Custom Packaging Boxes

Advanced printing solutions have made it easier than ever to customize your packaging boxes just the way you want. Though this trend was first observed a few years ago, it has made a significant impact on the industry in 2019. Many leading product brands are already using customized packaging boxes and have gained quite a handsome return through this innovative marketing investment. 

Mobile accessories manufacturers are one of them. To beat the competition in a tight marketplace, vendors have successfully leveraged custom mobile accessories boxes to their advantage. Not only these wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes give your products a distinct appearance, but they also enhance the perceived value of the products.    

Since one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in this niche, customized packaging helped mobile manufacturers grow their business. In fact, customization enabled the companies to promote their accessories in a forceful way. Besides mobile accessories suppliers, leading brands like Coca Cola, Frito-Lay, and several others are inspiring their audience with custom packaging. 

The best thing about customized packaging is it provides you the opportunity to convey your brand’s story effectively. Smart marketers know that brand-driven storytelling inspires customer loyalty. So when a business presents its packaging in a story-like way it instantly establishes a connection with the consumers on an individual level, while the demand for the product skyrockets.   

Bold Colors and Shades  

The inclination towards bold hues and shades on product packaging is only expanding. This year a lot of brands have used strong shades and colors with dramatic effects to stick out. Bearing this in mind, one can say that it’s highly unlikely this trend will fade away in 2020. But the good thing is the industry has seen this trend worked its magic as brands are witnessing a significant increase in sales volumes. 

This shows one cannot simply rule out how well people respond to strong colors and unique effects. The study also pointed out that 80% of the people gather information from sight. And strong colors such as bright yellow and neon green quickly grabs the attention of human beings. Adding shinning metallic sheens or other reflective elements to the packaging can turn out to be an excellent treat for the eyes.  

As a matter of fact, shrewd marketers prefer to infuse such elements in their packaging to grasp customers’ attention and retain their memory. This can be really rewarding because people make subconscious decisions about purchasing products within the first 90 seconds after observing it. And the study shows that 85% of the buyers make that decision on the base of package color. 

Digital Printing Technique 

In 2019, a lot of brands have settled for digital printing techniques. Using this technique means the computer is the primary mechanism behind designing physical packaging boxes and creating graphics on them. It’s fair to say digital printing is steadily growing in popularity and there are no signs this trend will come to a halt anytime soon.  

But what truly makes digital printing so popular? It offers more freedom when it comes to developing customized boxes as compared to mechanical processes such as typesetting. Already most packaging firms have abandoned analog in favor of digital within the past decade. In 2020, there will be more packaging companies that’ll jump on to the bandwagon and invest some serious amount. That said, you can already find some good packaging companies in the US like The Legacy Printing that are offering superior digital printing services at exceptionally lower prices. 

Although this year was just a tipping point, you will see more digital presses in the year to come. A study by LPC, Inc. revealed the number of digital presses increased by 11.9% in 2017, whereas traditional presses witnessed an 8-9% decline. This suggests that trends in the packaging industry are abruptly changing.  

Eco-Friendly Product Packaging 

Consumers are favoring eco-friendly packaging more than ever before. It struck a chord when the 3-R principle (reduce, reuse, and recycle) was introduced. Today, this principle has become a mainstay to measure the success of a product packaging. The term recycling is not only weaved in the American psyche, rather it has become an integral part of the worldwide sustainability movement. 

In the past, a high percentage of the packaging waste used to be dumped in landfills. But the most horrible thing was the nonperishable plastic that is still floating in our oceans. As a result, people are now playing their part to prevent it. They are favoring recyclable packaging over non-perishable or hazardous packaging solutions instead.  

Advancement in technology is also aiding the packaging industry. For instance, it’s a lot easier and convenient to recycle some hazardous materials. Furthermore, both state and local authorities are encouraging and promoting recycling programs. However, consumer choice is the key factor that has made recycled packaging so popular.  

E-Commerce Packaging 

This trend is here to stay. In fact, the demand for e-commerce packaging will only grow as more and more people will get comfortable with online shopping. But 2020 will be the year when specialized e-commerce packaging will become a hot new trend. The e-commerce giant Amazon has already laid down the path and merchants can take some cues from its specialized e-commerce packaging.

Amazon ships products to its customers as soon as it receives an order. The company has virtually automated every step of the process, be it digital printing, physical packaging or more. But it’s not the only player in the e-commerce world. Every day a new online business pops up from nowhere and they are finding e-commerce purchasing profitable and effective.

And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to craft specialized e-commerce packaging. These boxes are crafted by following the same rules that are used to create brick and mortar store packaging. The products are professionally encased and protected to please the customers by enhancing the unboxing experience. 

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