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Razer Blade 2019 Review

The new Razer Blade is definitely one of the most anticipated laptops that are coming out in 2019. The laptop, However, Identicalin terms of design to the previous generation Razer Blades has a lot more upgrades hidden under the hood, the best out of those upgrades is the new and more powerful Nvidia RTX Graphic card line up that was announced last year. Another notable upgrade in the Razer Blade 2019 is its new and massive battery life, the thermals on this laptop also seem to work just fine. The laptop also supports windows hello which means that you can log in to the device using just facial recognition. The price of the Razer Blade 2019 might be an issue for some people since just its base model has a huge $2,299 price tag and the laptop can cost you approximately around $3,000 if you buy it with the highest specs. Given below is our full review for the new and improved Razer Blade 2019.

Design and Features

The new Razer Blade 2019 is almost identical to last year’s Razer Blade but when compared it is a little bit thicker, the laptop is about 17.8mm thick and weighs about 2.07 kg, which is good considering the specifications it has. Razor Blade has always had this simple yet appealing design to it that makes it look unique yet not too fancy and complex like other gaming laptops in the market. On the back of the lid is the Razer blade logo that lights up. On the deck is your keyboard surrounded by two huge speaker grills and the trackpad. The keyboard layout of Razer Blade has a very questionable placement of the right “shift” key. In a normal layout the shift key is placed left to the “up arrow” key but in most of the Razer Blade laptops the “shift” key is placed right to the “up arrow” key which makes it a lot more difficult for some people to adjust to a typing pattern that is suitable for this keyboard. You can get a great discount on electronic devices online using Croma Coupon.

The screen is one of the most awesome parts of the Razer Blade 2019, the screen is surrounded by minimal side bezels and minimal top chin, the top chin houses the perfectly positioned webcam and an infrared sensor which now support windows hello for facial recognition. The display panel on this laptop is same as the last year’s model, the display has a 1080p resolution which supports 144Hz refresh rate but there is also a variant of this laptop that has a 4K panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The keyboard on the Razer Blade 2019 supports RGB lighting. The user can create an RGB profile of their choice using the synapse software that comes in preinstalled in the laptop. Other than the Synapse software which is quite useful, the laptop doesn’t have any other pre-installed software or bloat wares.

Performance and Specifications

The Razer Blade 2019can be bought with many different specifications depending on the money you want to spend. The base model of the laptop is priced at about $2,299 and comes with RTX 2060 graphics, a 144Hz 1080p Full HD matte display panel and a 512GB of SSD storage and the most advanced variant of the laptop is priced at about $3,000 and comes with RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU, 144Hz 1080p Full HD matte display panel and the same 512GB of SSD storage. Other variants range in between $2,299 and $3,000 depending on the specifications you choose. Another notable variant of the Razer Blade is the one that is priced at about $2,899 and comes with RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics and a 60Hz 4K display panel. All of the variants pack the same six cores 2.2 GHz i7-8750H processor and an expandable 16GB of RAM.

The performance on the Razer Blade 2019 is just about fine but if you’re expecting a high performance because of the higher price that you are paying for this laptop than you might get disappointed since the laptop performs mostly the same as its other cheaper competitors in the market. In terms of performance, the laptop can run most of the games above 60fps without compromising the graphics. Even though the performance is typically the same or slightly variable the thing that makes the Razer Blade 2019 stand out of the crowd is its massive battery life. You can get almost about 5 hours of battery life on this laptop. Moreover, if you are looking for Google recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it


The Razer Blade 2019 is a marvelous piece of engineering which has a really premium looking and simple design that is the heart of this laptop since most other gaming laptops have a rather fancier and eye-catching design. The laptop offers the most there is with a 2080 Max-Q Graphic card and a 144 Hz screen which moves down to 60 Hz if you buy it with a 4K display. The battery is also one of the best, the only catch here is its high price which can be a problem for many people. So, if you’re looking for something more cheaply we suggest you go for the Predator Triton 500 or MSI GS65.


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