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7 Best Apps To Watch Premium Movies Online

If you want to watch premium movies online, then you have to install the best apps. It is the age of streaming, and many of the people are busy to stream the premium movies online.

Many of the application is available in the Google play store that will help you to watch premium movies online. Many of the people are like to stream movies online then cable TV and cinemas.

Nowadays, many of the paid movie streaming application is becoming very much simplified. You have two choices to watch premium movie online.

1. You have to download pirated movies that are low in quality.

2. Or sign up for many movie streaming services that are now legally available.

Hence, many apps are available that will help you to watch premium movie online and also allow you to download it. In below the paragraph, 7 Best Apps is mention that will help you to watch premium movies online.

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the best and most popular app to watch premium movies online. In this application, lots of features are available.

It has so many features such as a simple user interface and despite packing. When you install Pluto TV, then you will get free TV channels and free movies.

In this application, many live channels are available that can help you to stream free movies. It also has a range of free TV channels with different content.

The movie player of this application is exciting with subtitles for many of the movies. After sign in, you can easily customize the Pluto TV as per your needs.

You can easily download Pluto TV for Android, Windows/Mac, PlayStation 4, iOS, Roku, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular and best apps to watch premium movies online. In this software, unlimited TV shows and movies are available with no commercials.

It is one of the most used online streaming software that is applying for TV shows and movies. You can also download the videos and stream them offline.

If you like to watch premium movies online, then Netflix is the perfect app for you. It has zero commercials or ads, and it also has a free trial period of one month.

Netflix only has an essential subscription of three plans that do not include HD. Latest episodes of TV shows are not available immediately, and subscription fee starts from $7.99 for a month.

3. BIGSTAR Movies

BIGSTAR Movies is also the most popular and best app to stream the latest movie freely. It has a dark mode button and also has a simple user interface.

If you need an application to stream the movies freely, then BIGSTAR Movies is the perfect choice for you. You can also make a playlist and also the option is available to sort free videos with genres.

BIGSTAR Movies also has a problem regarding video ads that are sometimes poorly placed. You can also download this app for Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Roku, and iOS.

4. Hulu

Hulu is providing the best variety of popular movies and TV shows to watch. Best features of Hulu is that it has recent and past episodes of TV shows.

It is the main competitor of Netflix, that contains various original content. It integrates a few advertising to show the experience like Netflix.

Many of the people are saying that Hulu has a better selection of content than Netflix. It is streaming on various devices such as smartphones, Apple TV, Xbox, and tablets.

But you can not stream movies, and TV shows offline in Hulu. The free trial period is for one month, and the subscription fee starts from $7.99 for a month.

Hulu has three membership:

1. Freely stream limited movies with lots of advertisements.

2. Premium membership provides very fewer ads and commercials.

3. Premium membership which not show ads.

5.  Vudu

Vudu is also the best app that has a big collection of ad-supported free movies. The list of films is most significant than any other free movie app.

You can also select the movies as per your choice of quality. One of the best features of this application is that new videos are adding daily.

If you want to watch premium movie online, then first you need to sign in. You can easily download Vudu for Android, Roku, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, iOS and Xbox One/Windows.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also the best and most popular app for streaming the movies. You can get everything on Amazon, even the latest movies.

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping apps. And nowadays, it is also offering various new movies to stream.

Prime Video is the best and separate service that is available with Amazon Prime membership. This service is also there for the people who do not have a Prime account.

It is also running in the smartphone, computers, and game consoles. But Amazon Prime Video can’t have current episodes of TV shows.

It is not supporting on chromecast, and few latest movies are only available for Rent. The Free trial period of Amazon Prime Video is One month. The subscription fee starts from $8.99 for a month or else includes in the Prime membership.

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7. Apple iTunes

If you have any Apple devices, then you can already know about iTunes. This software is very much popular that can help you to listen to music and download videos.

This application is also including the latest movies as well as TV shows. Apple iTunes is the most popular way to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

The season passes are also available for each TV shows, and no commercials are there. You can easily buy or rent to stream the content on your device in essential or high quality. The fees include Rent or buy low than $0.99 for a month.


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