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Process to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows & MAC

People desire the software through which they can access multiple things in one place. Well, those days are left behind as technology has gained its pace to a higher level. And yes, the introduction of AOL Desktop Gold has stood out to be an ultimate all-in-one software that saves your energy and time.

AOL Desktop Gold, an email service provider is known for its features and functionalities with top-notch security. It allows the user to directly perform various actions say for browsing, email exchange, searching for content and many others. Along with this, it provides 24*7 customer service for AOL users.

From capturing a screenshot to maintaining security, it has all. There are some sets of the requirement that needs to be accomplished before you install AOL Gold Desktop. Let’s find out:

What are the System Requirements to Download and install AOL Desktop Gold?

  • OS- Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Mac
  • Processor-266 MHz or faster computer processor
  • Memory- 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk
  • Screen Resolution-1024*768 or higher screen resolution
  • Internet: Necessary
 download AOL Desktop Gold

Read and apply steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows and Mac

Go through the steps and carry out the below-given steps below:

  1. Jump to official AOL Desktop Gold website
  2. Now, create a new account of AOL account with a username, email, DOB, etc
  3. Next, log into your account
  4. Take AOL membership plan according to your budget
  5. Go to AOL email service and log in with your AOL account
  6. You will receive the message ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’
  7. In that message, try to use the link to download AOL Desktop Gold
  8. After the download process, run the setup to begin the installation process
  9. Follow the on-screen instruction and finish the installation.
  10. Now, you can freely use AOL Service

How to Install AOL Desktop Gold?

Once you complete the process of downloading, execute the install AOL Gold process:

  1. Locate your AOL Gold Downloaded file
  2. Click on the setup file
  3. Now, tap on ‘AOL Desktop Gold Install’ icon
  4. Next, choose ‘Run’
  5. Tap ‘Install Now’
  6. Lastly, click Yes,

Some Common Issues of AOL Desktop Gold

Take a note of the general issues in AOL Desktop Gold given below:

  • How do I install AOL Desktop Gold?
  • Unable to Login Desktop Gold Account from Microsoft Outlook
  • Troubleshoot: AOL Gold Icon Missing/Disappeared
  • Trouble in accessing AOL Email on AOL Gold
  • AOL Gold auto-update not working
  • AOL Desktop Gold Book has disappeared
  • Add or Create AOL Desktop Gold Icon/Shortcut
  • Software and operating system compatibility
  • Not able to play games on AOL Gold
  • Interruption in setting AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser
  • AOL Desktop Gold not responding
  • AOL Gold won’t open issue
  • AOL Desktop Gold Upgrade Issue
  • AOL Gold Installation failed
  • AOL Gold freezes 

Interesting Features of AOL Desktop Gold

  • Easy to install and download– it’s an untroubled software to install AOL Gold.
  • Browsing the web– using the web via AOL Desktop Gold without any interruption.
  • Anti-keylogging window-when you sign in, it provides security by hiding the characters you type.
  • Suspicion alert– You will receive an alert message whenever you visit some wrong or harmful website.
  • Screenshot capturing– This avoids another website to take a screenshot of your information. Keep in mind to enable this before using.
  • Provision to play pogo games– It allows the user to play various games like race, puzzle and many others.
  • Chat room– AOL also allows the user to connect via chat. For more personal chat, chat room option is available.
  • Managing AOL email-Users are free to manage their account freely by exchanging emails, attachments, saving important details, etc.

Why Choose AOL Desktop Gold?

From entertainment to important work, you can perform all these at one-stop AOL Desktop Gold platform. Whether you want to play the game, watch videos, share vital files, and many other tasks, it can be done here:

  • Easy way to download and install
  • Export and Import Data
  • Automatic AOL Desktop Gold Updates notification
  • High-shield protected security
  • Live Customer Support

Got Frustrated with AOL Desktop Issues? Let us give you some useful Troubleshooting Tips

How to resolve ‘this page has removed’ message?

Need not worry, if you get this ‘this page has removed’ message while performing sign in to AOL Gold into your account. Well, let us tell you that this notification appears when the page is under process. As soon as the update process is finished, refresh and you will be able to sign in to your AOL account.

What action to perform in this scenario?

If this message appears, that means the page is under update process. So meanwhile you can temporarily log in to See the guidelines:

  • Go to login
  • Click on Login AOL account
  • Type your AOL username
  • Hit ‘Next’
  • Next, mention the password
  • Lastly, Tap on ‘AOL Sign in

Once the update process of AOL page is over, you can land on that page and perform your login.

Summary – This article consists of details for AOL Desktop Gold Download for Windows and also the gist of AOL features and functions.


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