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Apne TV or any other Website?

Apne TV is one of the most loved websites for watching online Indian drama series, Bollywood movies, and news. This website has a huge fan following. Some of the best features of this website make it better than other websites. This website always cares about its user’s choices and desires. This website always tries to give a chance to explore and enjoy more and more to its audience. Nowadays it becomes more popular among Indian people. They found it as the best source for their entertainment. This website allows its audience to watch their favorite TV serials anywhere anytime. This website has some amazing features which make it better than other sources for watching online movies or TV shows. We are going to discuss some of these features which people can’t experience on other websites.

Short description of apne TV in comparison to other websites is given below:

Apne TV:

  • It has huge number of TV serials on their tabs.
  • It supports many other channels of Indian drama series like zee TV, star plus, colors, etc. 
  • It allows you to download each episode of its viewer’s desired TV serials. 
  • It has a huge collection of news channels. All the categories of news you can find on this website. 
  • It also allows its Audience to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies online
  • It has also a huge collection of different channels in different languages of TV serials. It also supports Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and many more languages of TV serials. 
  • This website charged a very low amount for its prime membership which is only $4.99.
  • Its prime member audience can watch the live telecast of their favorite TV serial and sports matches. 
  • Prime members can also watch the latest movies online
  • The apk size of this website is very less than other sources. It comes with only 1.4 MB. This is less size than other sources. 
  • This website used to upload TV serials episodes within one day for that audience who didn’t subscribe to Prime membership. 
  • This website also allows downloading your favorite movies and you can watch them anytime. 
  • This website never harms your android device or personal computer with low space issues. 
  • This website supports some best and superior servers. This helps it to stream their videos at such a high speed. 
  • This website supports all kinds of video formats like mp4, HD, full HD. It also supports the highest resolution videos. 

Other websites:

  • Other websites didn’t have their serials list tab. They only stream other channel’s TV shows.
  • There is a lot of advertisements disturbance on other websites while watching your favorite TV serials.
  • Other websites didn’t show the live telecast of any TV serials generally. 
  • They consume a very high space of your android device or personal computer than apne TV. This affects badly with low space issues to your android device or personal computer.
  • They didn’t have various news channels collection. You have to search for the news which you are looking for. 
  • If we talk about the streaming speed of videos it is very less than apne TV while watching online Indian drama series and movies among movie streaming sites.
  • This website also allows downloading your favorite videos. But the videos get downloaded in their own space. You must have an internet connection for watching your downloaded videos. On the other side, apne TV allows saving your downloads in your device storage. So that you can watch those videos without having an internet connection.
  • Other websites used to charge for their membership more than apne TV. Those prime members can’t get the benefits which are given by apne TV for their prime members.
  • Other websites used to upload the episodes of TV serials within 4 or 5 days. Their prime members also get their favorite TV serial episodes when those videos get uploaded by a website. 
  • Other websites also support all kinds of video formats. But they consume more internet data for their HD and full HD video format than apne tv. You have to spend a huge amount of your internet data for watching high-resolution videos on other websites.


Here we discussed some major topics which make apne TV serial better than other sources for watching online Indian drama series and movies. Other sources didn’t give any extra benefits to force the users for using them. That’s why it is more popular among Indian people for watching their favorite Indian drama series and movies than other websites. We hope the information given by us will help you to choose the best option for watching your favorite Indian drama series, movies, and news updates. Our experts will want to know your reviews on the same.


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